Kane Miller

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Kane P Miller is a far right activist from Melton, Melbourne. Miller is a plasterer who has claimed to be involved in the patriot movement since its conception following the birth of the short lived Reclaim Australia movement within Victoria.

Miller was the founder/ central figure behind a small collection of devout RA/ UPF supporters active around the Melton area, which would come to be known as the True Blue Crew. The TBC were active in doing banner drops and other forms of activity to help promote RA & UPF rallies.

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Miller having a cry after being smashed by anti fascists in Coburg

 The TBC have since grown to become the most prominent group in Melbourne’s shrinking far right circles, overtaking the UPF in momentum. Miller played a crucial role in organising several of these rallies, most notably the 3rd Reclaim Australia rally in Melton, in which the TBC began their violent posturing at rallies.

Miller is somewhat different to the other far right leaders, in the scene that he is not as ideologically driven as others, which has credited him with a kind of working class true blue Aussie appeal. He is also more camera shy than the other would be webcam YouTube celebrities, putting more emphasis on selling hoodies and baseball caps. Smart.

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The Melton based king of the methheads has been exposed as true weak piece of shit that he is. His former partner and leading TBC member Senga came out against her former man declaring him a serial woman basher with a serious meth addiction before setting a bunch of TBC merch and a banner up in flames. Although this information comes as little surprise and more or less confirmed our suspicions, his actions demonstrate the principals at the very core of his group, his movement and himself. There are few lower than this dog.


Zane Chapman

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A far right activist from Melton, Melbourne. Chapman comes from a racist family based in the outer suburbs of Melbourne. Chapman came into the public light after turning up to the Reclaim Australia rallies on July 18 in Melbourne. He and his mates Blake Carli and his cousin Cory Hadow attempted to attack the anti racist counter protest, failing miserably.

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1st Meth Goblin sighting Melbourne July 18 2015

Chappo has since become an iconic face in the Australian far right, being smashed and or arrested at almost every rally. His own brother came out bravely denouncing Zane and his family as bigoted racists. He is currently a leading figure within the True Blue Crew, which is made up of a collection of his ragtag redneck meth sucking mates from Melton.

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Chappo at Melton

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Chappo at Coburg

Jasmine Windsor

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A white nationalist video blogger. Windsor appeared in late 2016 as the only visible female member of the United Patriots Front, making videos for them. In these videos, Windsor identified as being a former feminist who suffered greatly from depression. Alas today, Windsor his healed, why? White nationalism.

Windsor operates a Youtube channel called GORGO, which is devoted to her new “conservative” political awakening and baseless rants against feminism, blaming it for everything including her depression. Windsor also expresses what she calls a love for her race and people

Jasmine displaying neo Nazi Odal symbol

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In all honesty, the writer feels remorse for Windsor. From a single glance at the woman (before hearing her talk) one can ascertain she is clearly unwell and subject to manipulation.

Paul Guru Franzi

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A far right pig from Melbourne. Franzi has been a regular fixture at the recent anti Islam rallies. He became a prominent supporter of the United Patriots Front, attending all their rallies.

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Franzi was present at the anti Halal protest in Ascot Vale organized by the Sydney based Party for Freedom. When a clash erupted between the PfF and anti fascists, Franzi was seen scrambling out of sight.

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Franzi has appeared in films made by back stabbing patriot Neil Erikson playing with swords. We also suspect that old mate is behind the page Australian Infidels United.

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Guru is one promiscuous patriot, floating about like a turd in the toilet bowl that is the patriot movement. He is a public representative of the True Blue Crew, a role most likely deligated to him when other members are to smashed to speak at rallies. He also claims to be a member of Kim Vuga’s Love Australia or Leave party.


Paul speaking at “The Battle for Eltham” rally

The Guru was apart of the drunken mob who raided the Yarra council meeting with Neil Erikson after a boozy pub session following their conviction for inciting religious and racial hatred. Guru, dressed in a Soldiers of Odin hoodie seems keen to follow anyone at all around, seeing now he seems to have found some people to hang out with.

Guru with his friend Paul Gerard

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Corey Hadow

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A far right thug from Melbourne. Hadow is a resident of Melton who became radicalised during the Reclaim Australia rallies. He was first spotted when he and his cousin Zane Chapman attempted to attack an anti racist counter protest to the UPF organised RA rally on July 18 where he was noted for standing over and threatening young women. Corey and his cuzzy bro Zane are both prominent members of the Melton based meth head street gang the True Blue Crew.

Corey & Zane

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Jason Davies

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A far right activist from Perth. Davies is a member of the Perth chapter of the United Patriots Front, being a close friend and associate of its leader Dennis Huts. Davies has accompanied Huts on many of his disruptions of soft leftist demos. Davies was also a founding member of the WA chapter of the True Blue Crew.

Jason with Rod Culleton

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Jason with Pauline Hanson

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Jason with members of the ALA

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Davies has recently established a small sub group called All For Australia (AFA lol) in which he has called himself the leader of. The tiny group of UPF supporters have done their own little agitation stunts, namely waiting to get kicked out of shopping centers for wearing deliberately annoying tshirts. Edgy.

This bloke also helped organize the impromptu small gathering of UPF supporters in Fremantle on Australia Day with Huts, where he attempted to intimidate an old man by shouting in his face with a megaphone. He and his little gang also acted as Pauline Hanson’s self appointed security on her visit to Perth. Yea that’s right, he’s a REAL tough monkey.

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Tim Wakeling

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A Melbourne based neo Nazi. Wakeling is a fanatical member of the United Patriots Front, turning up at all of their rallies and being at the forefront of almost every outbreak of violence and altercation.

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Tim at the first Bendigo rally


Tims FB profile displaying Deputy of the Nazi Party Rudolf Hess

Throughout the existence of the UPF, Wakeling has been a periphery character, constantly trying to be visible trailing behind Blair like a puppy dog. It is evident he is closely affiliated to the UPF’s inner circle and plays a role in organising their events.

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Wakening getting arrested after attacking anti racist activists in Coburg