Teresa Van Lieshout

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A far right politician from Perth. Van Lieshout, who claims to be a former teacher in economics, is something of a full blown psychopath. She ran as a candidate for Fremantle on behalf of the Palmer United Party, but was removed on account of her erratic behaviour. She later threw her lot in with the small white nationalist Australian Protectionist Party, where she secured a meagre 0.24% of the vote.

Theresa announced her intention to run as a candidate once again, this time for the seat of Canning. As a result of far right parties (even the most miniscule and wacky) keeping her at an arms length of their operations, Lieshout created her own one woman Voter Rights Party. I think a celebratory dance is in order.

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This unhinged individual was issued with an arrest warrant after failing to appear in court on charges related to theft, essentially becoming a fugitive. We can imagine this would make running in elections difficult. Van Lieshout operates a YouTube channel, which features her eccentrically prancing around in a bikini spruiking the non-existent Voters Rights Party. We at AFAS believe that she suffers from mental health related issues and is possibly undergoing an emotional breakdown, but this is mere speculation. I guess one can draw their own conclusions from the provided videos.



19 thoughts on “Teresa Van Lieshout

  1. Teresa recently attended two #nohomelessban public events down here in Melbourne and spoke on the PA. We obviously didn’t know who she was for we would not have allowed her to speak if so. At first she seemed to be on the same side as the campaigners, calling out governments and elected officials for their abuses towards people experiencing homelessness, but as her comments went on she got more fired up and started analogising government with Hitler and his treatment of people (sweeping them off the street, exterminating them). She also started going on about her political party which she claimed was ‘The Freedom Party’. None of us here had ever heard about it. She never mentioned her anti-male, anti-muslim sentiments over the mic, fortunately. At the second event we started to realise she was a problem due to the manner in which she was handing out flyers to the public walking past – it was a bit ‘aggressive’ and not in the spirit of the campaign. Our parting encounter with Teresa was with her saying something derogatory to one of our campaigners about her ethnicity. It was then that we could definitely conclude she was trouble. I suppose it comes with the territory, that when you hold public events and allow members of the public to speak you are going to get all kinds of disturbed people showing up and speaking. At least now we know who she is and to be aware in case she turns up to any future events. These people prey on unsuspecting members of the public so this is a great page you have going, letting the public know about these people. Regards.


      1. My party is AEC registered the Australian Peoples Party, I joined my Voters Rights Party to this group for AEC registration purposes. I didn’t steal anything you evil defamatory coward. The WA govt assaulted, tortured, & tried to kill me over my wheel clamp video, protesting against the fines system, you ignorant ungrateful pig. If it wasn’t for my courage, you and others will continue to be a slave to the govt, and the govt will continue to imprison & kill Australia’s poor and vulnerable. I’m a GREAT TEACHER and always will be, so shove that up your ungrateful arse, you defamatory coward.


      2. Whoever are the authors of this defamatory rubbish you are publishing, you can take your evil bullshit off the internet, or I will continue in the future to publically advocate to have you jailed for criminal defamation towards me.


      3. Your article of me is highly defamatory. In fact, your entire website is highly defamatory. The editor, or editors, of this website deserve to be jailed for criminal defamation, and that’s what I’ll pursue for you now & in the future. I’m making a video about you & your website, and stating to the public for you to be jailed for criminal defamation.


      4. You’re entire website is highly defamatory towards public Australian Christians & political candidates. I’m going to do everything I can to have the editors of your garbage website, to be jailed for criminal defamation, and your website removed from the internet.


  2. I’m a smart, moral, sane, highly educated person. You’re the immoral ignorant atheist ‘unhinged’ idiots. One of their participants was lying and saying mostly ‘refugees’ are homeless, which is absolute rubbish. We all know most homeless are Aboriginal and white, and that’s because evil gutless people like you help the govt kill off Australian born citizens. You’re ungrateful people spewing your lies and rubbish. Your public defamation of me makes you ignorant cowards. I’ve helped homeless people and others for years, you ungrateful ignorant assholes. I’m a great TEACHER, and always will be. I understand the history of this country to today; its people like you and the govt and the public who are guilty.


  3. Dear Website Creator and Writer
    As President of the Australian People’s Party herein named in your blog and published on the world wide web I am giving you fair warning under s14 of the Defamation Act 2005 (WA) to remove the reference to our political party registered with the Australian Electoral Commission and which is neither fascist nor supports fascism, since as our website states we are an inclusive party and we take offense to you listing our party name on this website where no writer or web creator’s name is given nor any contact phone numbers available. We hereby give you 7 days in which to remove the references to the Australian People’s Party or we will proceed to take legal action.
    Yours sincerely
    Gabriel Harfouche
    Australian People’s Party


    1. Dear Miss Harfouche. I am writing to notify you that we have removed references to the Australian Peoples Party. We did this out of courtesy and i think you will find there wouldn’t be legal recourse as there is/ was no defamation as her involvement in your party was true. I suggest a better vetting process in the future. Regards editor.


      1. The editors, or editors, of this defamation, you’re going to go to jail in the future, for criminal defamation towards me, Teresa van Lieshout, you are a defamatory evil criminal. You’re going to burn in hell for this, and good riddance.


    2. You Gabriel Harfouche, Gary Morris, & Bruno Strangio, are stealing fraudulent criminals, stealing my good work, as well the defamatory criminal editor of this article, you deserve to be jailed as well as the evil editor, you evil male stealing, fraudulent, defamatory bastards.


    3. You deserve to be jailed Gabriel Harfouche, as well as Gary Morris, & Bruno Strangio, for intellectual property stealing from me, and fraud, using me & 300+ of my voters from Voter Rights Party (Australia), for your scam app AEC registration, and that’s what I’ll continue to tell the public, And the criminal defamatory editor of this article, & website, deserves to be jailed as well.


    4. Gabriel Harfouche, Gary Morris, & Bruno Strangio, are foreign born criminals here to destroy the good work of Australian born Teachers like me, and others. And the criminal defamatory editor of this website, is guilty of helping politicians & their govt workers, STEAL FROM, TORTURE & KILL OFF Australian born citizens. All you foreign loving murdering criminals deserve to be jailed for it.


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