Troy Ellis

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 10.13.05 pm.png

A far right politician from Swan, WA. Ellis is a former board member of the Perth Lions. He is a former candidate for the Greens and a dedicated environmentalist. On account of his former work in environmentalism he was nominated into the finals for some bloody most beautiful person contest in the tabloid rag Who Weekly. Guess they left their glasses at home. This would spark his interest in becoming an E grade celebrity, hosting beauty pageants and singing competitions.

Ellis dipped his toes into far right politics when he joined the white nationalist Australian Protectionist Party. He was selected as their candidate for Swan in the 2013 election, although his results weren’t so great. Ellis remains active within the APP, recently playing MC to an APP organised event in WA where they hosted Australian nationalist Graeme Campbell. He founded and runs his own NGO Humans on Mother Earth (HOME).


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