Shan Ju Lin

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 2.48.46 pm.png

A right wing politician from Brisbane. Lin migrated from Taiwan over two decades ago, coming from a staunchly anti communist family and background. Upon her arrival Lin worked as a schoolteacher in Brisbane. Lin is also the president of the World Harmony Society, a Brisbane based Chinese community run organisation that organises festivals with the hope of uniting different peoples & culture. That doesn’t sound so bad at all.

Aside from her deep-rooted community building credentials, Lin has been active for a period within Falun Gong (a spiritualist cult organisation formed by wealthy Chinese dissidents) being a prominent contributor to and local coordinator of their newspaper Epoch Times. Falun Gong “teach” its supporters the concept of segregated paradises, divided by race. Those who are of mixed race or happen to be queer are abominations and not worthy to enter into paradise.

Lin has used her World Harmony Society to spread the crackpot conspiracy theories of Falun Gong. On the organisations website, Falun Gong’s wacky propaganda can be found speaking of government organ harvesting, politically motivated anti communist rhetoric and rejections of modern medicine and science. Their propaganda can also be found at World Harmony Society festivals.

Lin’s right wing political views led her to become active in politics, standing on behalf of the Katter’s Australia Party in the 2016 election. It seems she has found a new political base now. The One Nation Party. Despite the ONP being a feverently anti Asian party since its conception, Lin believes the original target was soley the Chinese, or as she says “the bad Asians”. Despite her new leader Pauline Hanson claiming the country was being “swamped by Asians” Lin seems convinced she has found a new home in the ONP. I think that this president of a self-proclaimed pro multicultural organisation turned anti multicultural political firebrand is a little confused.

Lin was dropped from the ONP within weeks of her appointment as their candidate for Bundamba. She was sacked on account of homophobic remarks made via twitter, claiming that LGBTIQ people should be treated as “patients” and likened being queer with criminal behaviour. Geez, the ONP’s first and only Asian candidate didn’t last very long.







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