Mark Ellis

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A Queensland based far right politician. Prior to his involvement in fascist politics, this twisted fuck was a cop. He & six other cops were involved in the kidnapping of three young Aboriginal children in 1994. Ellis and his accomplices demanded the children strip and proceeded to confiscate their shoes, threatened to “cut off their fingers” and dumped them out of town to walk over 16 kilometres home barefoot.

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The six bastards were charged with Kidnapping and put on probation. The incident became a highly prolific media scandal at the time, being dubbed the Pinkenba Six. It sparked outrage and anger within the local indigenous community as their cry for justice fell on deaf ears.But the great Australian system would come in handy for Ellis and his pig mates when the charges were eventually dropped on account of systemic institutionalised racism against 1st Nations people and the impunity of police crimes in Australia.

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After 30 years of hiding away in the shadows from national media disgrace, Ellis seems to think now was the time that everyone would have forgotten about his little incident and he could pursue a career as one of Pauline’s puppet candidates, standing  as a One Nation candidate for the seat of Macalister. He was wrong and he was right. Wrong in the sense that his past did come back to haunt him, right in the sense that he would be the latest of many ONP candidates to follow suit in dis-endorssment & disgrace.

If this wasn’t enough already, there are the Nazi pictures. Mr Ellis is found to be waist deep in filth between racially profiling & torturing children he manages to squeeze in a little Nazi fetishisation and workplace harassment. Ellis was accused of threatening harm upon former employees of his private security company Gatecrash Security. Photos were also discovered on his social media pages of Ellis sieg heiling on a lawn with a Swastika mowed into it. WTF is wrong with this lot?

Ellis’s backyard blitz…krieg

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