Avi Yemini

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A Melbourne based martial arts instructor and Zionist activist. Yemini was born in Melbourne and is of Israeli origin. He is a member of the Israeli Defence Forces, working as a sniper on the Gaza strip. Yemini gained media attention when his brother Manny Waks, a sexual abuse whistle-blower, sued Yemini for defamation after he had tried to discredit his brother.

Yemini took his skills learned in the Israeli army and established his own combat gym IDF Training in Caulfield, Melbourne, which specialises in Krav Maga, a martial art used by the IDF. Yemini was exposed in the media for doing a little more than teaching self-defence. Despite the subtle name, Yemini’s gym was established to train and recruit Australians into the IDF. He invited members of his gym to secretive tactical shooting lessons as well as instructions to join the Israeli army.

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IDF Training

In 2016 Yemini was again in the news this time for his far right political views. Using the title Independent Jewish Council of Australia, Yemini and a handful of collaborators plotted to organise a gathering with One Nation senators Pauline Hanson & Malcolm Roberts. Despite both senators’ previous links to anti Semitism, Yemini believed it was the time to have frank discussions about Muslim immigration and secure a Jewish voting base for the ONP. Unfortunately for Yemini, the local Jewish community have longer memories than him and know exactly what Pauline and her motley mob are. A group calling itself Jews Against Fascism mobilised a highly successful campaign against the event, resulting in it being cancelled on account of security risks. Safe to say Yemini wasn’t pleased.

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Avi has been cracking the shits recently, taking up issue with Muslim celebrities such as Anthony Mundine & Yassmin Abdel-Magied. He has also been cozing up with big names in the anti PC crusade, namely Mark Latham and Andrew Bolt. But it all hasn’t being hugs and kisses. He split up with former fan boy and fellow traveller Shermon Burgess after his conversion from One Nation cheerleader to brooding anti Semite and Holocaust denier. Avi denounced Shermie as a terrorist & a Nazi, whist remaining amicable with Shermie’s partner in crime Neil Erikson.

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Yemeni has been a popular boy recently, appearing on the TV a lot throughout 2017 with the help of mates such as Andrew Bolt to plug his new sales slogan Make Victoria Safe Again (borrowed from the American alt right) which seems to be a ploy to get free advertising for his gym. His initiative seems to be aimed at the Apex gang, a phenomena created by in large by the corporate media. He has also taken the opportunity to spruik his Islamophobic Zionist rubbish, giving his opinions on immigration bans to be put in place in Australia.

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He is also calling for the legalisation of civilians to carry weapons including firearms as a precaution against terrorism. Funnily enough, Yemeni also seems to think that the anti fascist movement (not an organisation or group) should be proscribed by the government as a terrorist organisation. Mate, we aren’t the ones teaching secretive sniper & paramilitary training as well as recruiting for the IDF, one of the most ruthless forces in the world.

Avi has been busy promoting his up and coming Make Victoria Safe Again rally to take place in late September 2017. In order to do this, he has been seen making some very odd allies indeed. His first stop for support were the beer bellied biker wannabes Soldiers of Odin, turning up for one of their little sausage sizzles in the Melbourne CBD. Avi also had his eyes set on Sydney in August, when he planned to hijack a protest against Waverley councils refusal to develop a synagog in Bondi with the support of fellow Melbourne based agitator Neil Erikson.

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Neil Erikson, Avi Yemini & Chris Shortis

A more surprising call for aid was made to his new Nazi allies Blair Cottrell, Chris Shortis and new e-buddy Neil Erikson. Avi turned up to their court case on the 4th of September in solidarity with the trio, now convicted of inciting serious contempt under the Racial & Religious Tolerance Act. Avi had planned to attend to “confront Antifa” and instead found himself in the company of Jew hating holocaust deniers. Despite Avi’s claims to be a proud Jew, Avi had no qualms supporting and hanging out with Blair “a picture of Hitler in every classroom” Cottrell, Chris “red pilled national socialist” Shortis and Erikson, who was convicted of stalking & harassing a rabbi Avi grew up with.

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Despite the awkward contradictions of the Nazi- Zionist alliance that seems to be developing in Melbourne, Yemini’s “Make Victoria Safe Again” rally took place on the 17th of September in the middle of Melbourne’s CBD. Dribs and drabs of TBC, SoO and fellow bottom feeders turned up to fill the numbers of Avi’s rally, that added up to no more than three dozen bodies. The focus of the rally was directed at crime, signalling in particular against African peoples in Melbourne’s outer suburbs, who Avi who has in the past likened them to human garbage. A flakey and unstable Avi mentioned that he had intended to cancel the rally due to his lack of faith in himself. He really would have saved himself a lot of embarrassment if he had tbh.





4 thoughts on “Avi Yemini

  1. Oh the irony… an anti-fascist site that moderates speech in their comments section as they’re too piss-weak to counter! Kinda like the 3rd Reich or China or Iran eh?


  2. So what’s your problem with him? I don’t see anything wrong with this man. He seems to be quite the upstanding citizen. It must be just you fascist communists. Attempting to silence another critic of your Nazi like activities.


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