Simeon Boikov

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A Russian nationalist activist from Cabramatta, Sydney. Boikov claims to be apart of the Cossack cultural tradition, a grouping of people within parts of the Ukraine and Russia that were devout supporters of Tsar Nicholas II (Nicholas the Bloody). Simeon runs his own diaspora activist organisation the Zabaikal Cossack Society of Australia (based in Cabramatta) that have attended protests in recent years in support of the Russian state. He also operates his own newspaper The Russian Frontier.

Boikov and his mates with Novo Russia flag at the G20 protest in Brisbane 2014

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For the most part Boikov and his Cossack group are active in celebrating Cossack traditions including horse-riding, cosplay, cooking, singing and dancing. The other half of their activity includes Putin worship, expressing support for the Russian state in all their endeavours. In 2014 Boikov travelled to the Ukraine during the conflict in Donetsk, where he trained with pro Russian separatist groups, in particular those believed to be connected to the shooting down of MH17. Boikov, who was being monitored by ASIO at the time, was arrested whist in Ukraine, where he was found to be taking plenty of photos of himself with guns, tanks and soldiers.

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Boikov is a colourful character who must possess a large wardrobe full of various Russian military uniforms he whips out on the selected occasion. Like many other Cossacks and assorted Russian nationalists & reactionaries, Boikov is a devout Orthodox Christian, which he incorporates into his groups activities. He and members of his family are connected to several legitimate Orthodox Christian organisations. In March 2016, this odd fellow and several mates turned up in military uniforms to confront an Islamist who had allegedly smashed a number of Orthodox graves at Rookwood Cemetery.

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Through his various shady connections within the Orthodox community, Boikov has been able to make some very interesting friends. Through dodgy groups such as the Orthodox Brotherhood, Boikov has come into contact with the Golden Dawn, a Greek neo Nazi movement with chapters in Australia (pictured above). Boikov has also close family connections to supporters of the Serbian Chetniks, a Nazi collaborationist group responsible for the murder of 1000s of Muslims.

Through his connections to the Golden Dawn, Boikov and his Putin worshipping pals have come into contact with Jim Saleam & his Australia First Party. All of Boikov’s new Nazi mates all share a common worldview regarding supporting the Syrian president Bashar al Assad & Vladimir Putin against Western imperialism and their Islamist mates. This has manifested in Boikov organising, attending and speaking several rallies in Sydney.

Boikov with Hezbollah flag at Hands Off Syria rally in September 2016

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Boikov at Golden Dawn annual conference on the 28th of October

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 2.57.53 am.png

Boikov with Jim Saleam & Kim Vuga at Australia First Syrian conference on December 17 2016

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Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 2.58.15 am.png

On Christmas Eve 2016 Boikov organised a rally out the front of the Russian consulate in Woollahra in commemoration of the Russian ambassador to Turkey who was assassinated by a Turkish Islamist. In attendance were Australia First members, Golden Dawn, Chetniks and even Australia’s local chapter of Putin’s very own bikie gang the Night Wolves.

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Nathan Sykes, Simeon Boikov, Jim Saleam, Iggy Gavrillidis


3 thoughts on “Simeon Boikov

  1. Please Understand this so called group is a 1% group that does not represent all or any desendents of the Zabaikal region in Australia, I am of chita, China heritage, I don’t feel the need to drive around with flags of Putin and Russia to show case my Russian support.

    True Australian Cossacks stand proud of there Russian heritage and don’t have the need act out, We are in Australia and act within Australian Law, no need for protests, waving around flags, posing with guns and acting like a true dick, This does not showcase what Zabaikal Region Cossacks are, very disappointed to read.


  2. Idiot. Very disappointed about the fact this guy is a son of a prominent Russian Orthodox priest who serves the community in Wellington, New Zealand. New Zealand Government should take imminent action to stop the Russian inspired local brew chauvinism that is ripping our small immigrant communities apart. This is Australian and New Zealand Government condoned ethnic discrimination under the banner of all inclusiveness and freedom.


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