Ricky White

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 2.44.28 pm.png

AKA Hatchet is a neo Nazi bonehead from Ingleburn, Sydney. White is a self proclaimed BMXer and skinhead punk with a passion for racism, drinking, fighting and being an alround beacon of humanity. White was the front man for an almost imaginary hatecore band Blitzkreig 88. Original name.

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Despite all the online posturing, White is far from being your average outer suburb bonehead. He holds close ties with leading Kiwi neo Nazi activist Kyle Chapman and was a leading figure in his bonehead gang Right Wing Resistance. He was often in the company of national leader Sammy Goodwin, doing their best to figure out how to sticky tape a sheet of paper to a pole.

Still not getting it

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He is also a prominent member of Wotensvolk, a neo volkisch/Nazi pagan group founded by American white supremacist terrorist David Lane. The group would place a lot of focus into prison outreach for white inmates. Following Lane’s death the group went into decline, which would explain its regression in the quality of its members/ leadership.

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 2.47.14 pm.png

In September 2016 poor old Hatchet was arrested and charged with the arson of a Christian Church in Taree. He also has previous offences relating to break and enter and firearms possession. His neo Nazi Pagan beliefs are most likely the motivation for his crime.


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