Ross Cameron

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A conservative politician and talk show panellist. Cameron, a private school boy from the North Shore of Sydney, worked overseas in the US as an intern for conservative Senator Mark Hatfield who inducted him into the Christian cult like organisation, The Fellowship, a shady international religious/ political organisation that wields considerable political power across the world.

Upon his return to Australia, Cameron entered into politics via the Liberal Party, finding a home in its hard right faction known as “the uglies”. In 1996 he was elected as a Member of Parliament for Parramatta under the Howard government, also serving as Secretary to the Minister for Family and Community Services. Throughout his career he was noted for his fundamentalist Christian views, running preaching and prayer meetings out of parliament house.

Cameron’s personal life is riddled with infidelity, cheating on his family and pregnant wife with a slew of different partners despite his religious family values. As a result, his personal and political life fell apart and the morally self-righteous prick was undone, losing his seat in 2004 and being kicked out by his family into the gutter where he belongs. The depravity of this mans dishonesty is matched only by his abhorrent political views.

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Following his fall from grace from politics, Cameron pursued a career in investment banking, going on to work for the Macquarie Group, earning him considerable private wealth. In 2008 he left to form his own business with several of his former Liberal colleagues called MyATM. The venture turned out to be a total failure, losing its dodgy shareholders millions of dollars as the companies net worth went from bad to worse. Lol. As a result, Cameron was stood down as president and declared “a right loser” by his comrades at The Daily Telegraph.

Cameron making a dick of himself in the public sphere. Again

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Cameron has since resurfaced as a “controversial” media personality, co-hosting The Contrarians and being a frequent guest on Sky News. He has been reborn into political relevance as an outspoken cheerleader for Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. He has been joined by fellow sensationalist attention whores Mark Latham & Rowan Dean, who together launched their own conservative pro-Trump program The Outsiders in December 2016.

The guy has gone way off the deep end, going full bore at his newly founded media image as a “villain”, basking in his self invented infamy. Cameron addressed the Q Society at a fundraiser event at North Ryde RSL on the 9th of February. Getting a little too excited to impress his new friends, Cameron made a dick of himself (even in far right circles) by delivering a bizarre and incoherent speech, leading the AFAS editors to believe the man was drunk.

In this speech, Cameron went on a nervous/ alcohol fuelled tangent about Orcas, an ancient Greek mythology coupled with repetitive and uncomprehensive rambling. He also spouted out a rather unsettling set of homophobic remarks, using the term “homosexual” as a slur against his rivals in politics and the media. When confronted by fellow Sky journalists, the idiotic clown delivered a loaded and awfully articulated apology, blaming the “media” for reporting what he had said.

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Since Cameron has been officially booted from the Liberal Party, he has continued on his course further to the right. He and Latham attended the Freidman Conference in 2017 organised by the Australian Libertarian Society and the Australian Taxpayers Alliance. Cameron’s speech was reminiscent of his previous performance in early February, with vague ancient history lessons lacking context, generic anti media grandstanding and Nazi salutes. Good on ya Ross, what a way to keep relevant.

Hail Herr Cameron at the Freidman Conference

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