Garry Hume

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Garry Hume is an English far right activist. Hume claims to be a current resident in Eltham, an outer Melbourne suburb. He is a close associate of far right activist Nick Folkes and a probable member of his Party for Freedom.

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Hume played a prominent roll in the organising of several small protests in Eltham against the settling of refugees in an age care facility. The first rally took place on the 1st of October and was organised in conjunction with the True Blue Crew. The second rally took place o the 4th of November and was organised by the Party for Freedom. Both rallies failed to mobilise over 70 of the same old faces. He also traveled to Sydney for the Reclaim Australia rally that took place on the 29th of January.

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Old mate Brit continues to maintain his involvement in Melbourne’s far right, turning up to support the Bendigo 3 during their court cases. He also participated in at least one of Neil Erikson’s “raids” on local councils, being filmed in a bizarre full body costume that illustrates that he has got halloween and Australia dates crossed.


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