Taylor Schon

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A Sydney based photographer and self proclaimed journalist. Schon claims on his self written blog/ website that he began his career in modelling before thankfully being placed behind the camera, rather than in front of it. He claims to have worked for several trashy soft porn publications such as FHM & Zoo as well as a number of commercial companies.

Schon strikes the editor as a desperado and attention seeker. His website and place of business Thinktankmultimedia.net can be accurately summarised as an e-shrine to himself, listing his favourite models, skills, passions and everything he has wanted to be since he was 10. Truly riveting and relevant reading. It also contains pics of him dressing up as cowboys, Twilight characters and likening himself to Johnny Depp.

Anyone wanna buy a copy of Taylor Depp? Anyone?

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Aside from being a pretty insecure bloke, Schon is also a Trump fanboy and a keen supporter of the alt right. His posts on FB appear to be devoted entirely to worshipping the corporate populist to the point of disregarding the statements made by those who have lodged claims of sexual assault against Trump, sharing videos mocking survivors.

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Believe it or not, Schon is also an Islamophobe. He is closely tied to Sydney based extreme right activist Nick Folkes and his Party for Freedom.

From his website

“our politically correct enemies of civilization look to infiltrate barriers on free speech from the corners – whether it is cartoons of Mohammed, or anything that pricks social polite convention so as not to offend any person.”


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