Kat A Klayton

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A Canberra based far right activist. Klayton came to attention after she co-organised and spoke at the tiny anti Safe Schools rally organised by the Party for Freedom on October 5 2016. Klayton is a close associate of Dan Evans, being part of the small circle of nationalists active in Canberra.

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(Kat addressing Canberra rally)

Klayton focuses a large amount of her activity against LGBTQI rights, being an almost fanatical critic of the Safe Schools program. Kat currently acts as a contributor to the newly founded alt right blog The Unshackled, runs her own YouTube channel Anxious Aussie Commentary as well as a  Facebook page Extremely Pissed Off Aussie Patriots.

Klayton is one of the countries most active queerphobes. She has thrown herself into the anti SSM debate, constantly lobbying at a grassroots level against the Yes camp. She was one of the main organisers of the Vote No skywriting campaign, organised through GoFundMe, to hire fellow homophobe and Christian fundamentalist Rob Vance and his company Skywriting Australia.

(Klayton speaking at Party for Freedom “Straight Lives Matter” rally)

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Joseph Zammit

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A far right moron from Canberra. Zammit is basically a nobody. He is a close friend and associate of Reclaim Australia Canberra organiser Dan Evans. He aided Evans and a small group of his supporters in organising the Canberra RA rallies as well as the PEGIDA rally that took place in February 2016.

After what seems rash decision by dopey Evans, Zammit was given control over his Stand Up for Australia Sydney page. With this, Zammit set about to join the long list of self promoting video bigots that claim to represent the patriot movement. The only problem was that nobody noticed except us. In these videos, Zammit talks about all kinds of useful things ranging from how to put up an indestructible flag poll in your backyard to Aussie Aussie Aussie, oink, oink, oink. Also given a platform are his unimportant political views which are based on conspiracy shit he found on the net. I’d give this one about a 2/10.

Tina Maree

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A far right anti Islam activist from Canberra. Maree was a prominent organiser of the Reclaim Australia rallies in Canberra, being a close associate of Dan Evans. Maree also played a prominent role in the organisation of the Australian PEGIDA rally that took place outside parliament February 2016. She appears to have only one tshirt and despite their numerous contradictions, promotes every political party except Labor, Liberal and the Greens.

Tina with Shermon Burgess

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Tina with Chris Shortis

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Tina with Kim Vuga

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Harry Jakobasch

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A German born far right activist. Jakobasch currently resides in Canberra where he has been involved in organising a number of small anti United Nations protests. He is a close friend and associate of Canberra Reclaim Australia organiser Dan Evans, who permitted this old fool to speak at the Canberra RA rally on Nov 22 2015.

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He is associated with the Christian extremist party Rise Up Australia, campaigning for Sandie O’Connor. He also assisted with Dan Evans brief electoral campaign before he called it quits due to opposition. He often acts as one of Dan’s closest companions, following him around for emotional support like a shadow.

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Jakobasch regularly travels down to Sydney in the company of Evans to attend far right rallies and events, notably the 2015-16 celebration of the Cronulla Riots and the 2017 Reclaim Australia rally in Martin Place.


Daniel Zammit

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Zammit is an anti Islam activist from Canberra. Daniel is the son of Joseph Zammit, a stay-at-home karaoke patriot who is associated with Daniel Evans and the Reclaim Australia movement. He also appears to be active in campaigning on behalf of the Christian far right party Rise Up Australia. If this guy wasn’t spending his spare time aiding and abetting fascists you would feel kinda sorry for the guy. Maybe you would even consider nominating his dad Joey for the worse father of the year award.

Jr campaigning for far right Rise Up Australia

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Daniel with Blair Cottrell

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Daniel with Shermon Burgess

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Mitchell Van Dam

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A far right activist from Belmont, Newcastle. Van Dam is a member of the Newcastle based group the Infidel Brotherhood. He has been active in promoting and helping to build the so called patriot movement in Newcastle. In May 2017 he attended a protest in Penrith against the development of an Islamic school.

(Van Dam with Toby Cook in Newtown)

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Van Dam appears to have made some new friends, and now regularly travels down to Sydney to attend far right rallies organized by Party for Freedom. He and several other members of the Infidel Brotherhood trained it from Newcastle to Sydney’s Newtown on June 1 2017 to attend a protest against Antifa violence, where he acted as a protector of Toby Cook.

(Van Dam with Squadron 88 in Lithgow)

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Van Dam now appears to be an active member of Party for Freedom, doing the groups bidding in the Newcastle region.

Report back from Straight Lives Matter protest 23/9/17

On a steaming hot Saturday, the side-show provocateur group staged a protest in the inner city suburb Darlinghurst, adding to their already long list of embarrassing and shameful publicity stunts. This weeks head-hanging escapade was to target Sydney’s LGBTQI+ community with a rally titled Straight Lives Matter, intended to offend and incite locals & the broader community. In the weeks leading up to the rally Folkes and his followers scurried around the Eastern Suburbs sticky taping queerphobic posters to poles in the hope they would gain more publicity. Unfortunately their material found itself in the wrong hands.

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On the actual event itself, the day proved to be long and hot. Upon arrival, people who were suspected of attending our counter demonstration were interrogated by NSW Public Order and Riot Squad. Observers and others just passing by were harassed and even roughed up by aggressive coppers who couldn’t be fucked doing their job on the day. Over ten unprovoked move-along orders were issued to people coming into the rally and police refused re-entry to people who left our rally for toilet and water breaks. The whole rally, which proved uneventful, further highlights the ridiculous lengths NSW police will go to stifle dissent, especially against far right groups such as Party for Freedom. Police were so brazen as to illegally film and profile people attending our rally, taunt people and allow fascist photographers free movement to profile and film people from within the counter protest. Wow, it took you 100 cops to do that?

Police openly display their bias

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All in all, the rally, like all PfF rallies, can be accurately summarised in one word. Waste. A waste of time, a waste of money, a waste of resources, a waste of energy, and in the case of the vast majority of their attendees, a waste of oxygen. Most importantly in their case a wasted opportunity to capitalise on the growing international far right sentiment. At least we can be grateful to Nick about something.

Those who gathered (and were allowed in) on our side numbered roughly between 50-100 throughout the day. Many of the local community who came throughout the two hours went to other larger pro SSM events taking place throughout the city. For Nick, numbers were low, however this is a reality he is used to. PfF’s cluster numbered less than 20; as they crammed around a poorly assembled and equally unnecessary stage to hear essentially everyone at their rally stand up and speak. Their speeches were drowned out by our protest, queer as fuck tunes and air horns, helping the pencil-necked flogs to stutter and stumble to the backdrop of our noise. Notably absent were the Nazi boneheads of Squadron 88 who most likely took the day off to avoid getting smashed by the local community.



Nick Folkes                                  John Bolton                           George Jameson

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Geoff Prior                                 Kat Klayton                           Toby Cook

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Penny Louise                              Damien Ferri                      Sukith Fernando

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Pastor Keith Piper                       James Sternhill                          Greg Burt

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Silvia Adam                            Timothy Kwoh                            Paul Exley

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Cecil Price

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All in all we consider the event a success, deterring people to attend their event, strengthening ties to the queer community, outnumbering them 2 to 10 and drowning out their event. Dealing with the thuggery and bias of the NSW police force is always tough, but it comes with the gig. No thanks to them, Fascists were not allowed near the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Holocaust Memorial, their intended target of homophobic hate. Rather they were sent with their tails between their legs, cowering behind a large mobilisation of riot police. Better luck next time chums.

Shout out to Astro Labe!

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