Nikolaos Mitsakis

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A Greek born neo Nazi. Mitsakis, who resides in Tasmania, is a devout supporter and member of the Greek neo Nazi organisation Golden Dawn and is involved in the organisation of its Australian chapter. On the 28th of May in 2016 the Australian GD launched its marginal Tasmanian branch, which Mitsakis was named leader of.


Adela Pankhurst Walsh

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An Australian writer & politician. Walsh was born into a politically active family. Raised in England, Walsh moved to Australia where she entered into politics as a writer & activist. She was involved in the Feminist suffragette movement and began to become associated with the left, becoming a founding member of the Communist Party of Australia.

Walsh eventually turned away from traditional Marxism and communism in general. After being expelled from the Communist Party for her views, she founded her own Australia’s Women’s Guild of Empire, a monarchist anti communist feminist group. She became a founding figure in the pro fascist Australia First Movement during the Interwar Period.

Walsh was interned during WW2 for her advocacy of collaborationism. She died of natural causes in 1961.