Alan Jones

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Mr Jones is a loudmouthed conservative pundit, political commentator & radio talk show host with the station 2GB. He began his career in politics as a speechwriter for former Prime minister Malcolm Fraser. Jones became active within the Liberal Party, as a candidate in the late 70s. He pursued a successful career as a Rugby Union coach, leading the Australian national team the Wallabies to 86 victories. Jones briefly pursued a career in coaching Rugby League team the Balmain Tigers.

Jones went on to become a radio host, first being employed on the conservative radio station 2UE. He became renowned for his conservative politics & cash for comment broadcasts, being in the pocket of corporate interest. Currently employed by rival conservative station 2GB, Jones has been criticized for his insensitive and inflammatory comments made against Aboriginals, immigrants, homosexuals and his complicity in inciting racial hatred during the Cronulla riots. He has expressed opposition to global warming and has been supportive of Pauline Hanson and her One Nation Party.>%20by%20Deal%20Top%20href=#13393992%20watchimg%20src=×10.png%20alt=%20//a?v=zgm2zLO5N5M

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 Jones has called for localist vigilante violence against Muslims on air accompanied with a slew of racist comments to mark his whole career. Despite Jones homophobia that has been constant, Jones lives a double life as gay in private. He is known for his nationalist rhetoric and pandering to xenophobia.