Alex Annenkov

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AKA Alex Kachko is a Sydney based neo Nazi. This self styled Russian hipster is more accustomed to dressing up in fancy clothes and prancing about in the Ivy, Northies and other upper class yuppie establishments, instead of getting grubby with the likes of his bonehead mates.

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Annenkov appears to have been active in Sydney’s neo Nazi movement for the last few years. He was involved with Welf Herfurth‘s small National Anarchist project, turning up to their attempted disruption of a pro Palestine rally in November 2013. A clumsy Annenkov was all too keen to post pictures of himself getting searched by police (his first arrest) to impress the thumb twiddling closet fascists he associates with online.

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Annenkov is a member of Squadron 88 and was seen fraternizing with their members at the Penrith anti mosque rallies organised by the Protect Penrith Action Group. He was among the four-man S88 legion (lol) that boarded the UPF bus in Sydney en route for Melbourne for the July 18 rally along with Ross, Mark and Clive Jehn. When Ross and Mark got the boot from the bus at Albury, Alex and his mate Clive remained on and went to the rally.

Annenkov’s views on land rights

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Annenkov with fellow S88 member Clive Jehn

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Annenkov is most most likely a contributor to the AFP run neo Nazi FB page United Nationalist Australia. He also appears to have surfaced as the new active face and recruiter of whats left of the dying S88 circle. Fantastic!

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Annenkov continues to linger on the outskirts of Sydney’s far right scene, lurking various white supremacist pages and turning up for the odd demo. He and fellow S88 alter kampfer Mark McDonald turned up to a Party for Freedom organised rally in Penrith against the development of an Islamic school. The problem is that plans for the school had already been refused days before by the council, rendering their rally pointless leaving the PfF mob to claim a victory that they had no hand in achieving. This did not stop Alex and his droogs from pretending to staunch a group of young queer anti fascists at the train station whilst standing next to 4 uniformed police and a channel 7 camera crew. The affair ended in classic S88 fashion with some drunken slurring, a limp wristed sieg hail and a police escort.

McDonald and Alex “i really want you to see my edgy new white male t-shirt” Annenkov

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Annenkov has since reinvented himself as a vegan Nazi, now targeting Jews and meat eaters. He started the Facebook page Greenline Front Australia, appropriating the Russian eco Nazi primitivist organisation of the same name. He & McDonald have been under attack by their former & embittered circles UNA & AFP, who have denounced them as provocateur’s in bed with the Zio patriot brand PfF. I mean, who wants to join the Eureka Youth League anyway.

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Nice try, but there is no chance you can’t hide that lip