Alex Norwick

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This scary looking bloke is Alex Norwick. He is a long time far right activist, being active in several far right organisations during the 70s. He joined a Sydney based neo fascist group called National Resistance where he became associated with Jim Saleam.

Norwick would remain a close associate of neo fascist leader Jim Saleam, becoming a founding member of his National Action group in the 70s. Norwick was at the centre of the group’s leadership and organised activity, which included violence and militancy.

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(Norwick at a PYL demonstration)

Norwick went on to join Australians Against Further Immigration following the collapse of NA. He followed the body of AAFI when it unofficially merged with the One Nation Party as well as also joining the Australia First Party whilst it was under the leadership of Diane Teasdale.

Norwick remains a member of Australia First and has stood in elections on the party’s behalf of Wyong and Chifley. Mr Norwick was caught off guard when an awkward video leaked by PfF sympathizers placed him in the presence of local Newtown parasite and Nazi wannabe Slasha’s place. He and his mate Dr Jim gave speeches in honour of the then recently deceased Muammar Gaddafi in front of large Nazi banners. During his time, Norwick, clearly intoxicated, showcased his ability to lead his local electorate.

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(Come here, give Nazi daddy a hug)