Alexander Rud Mills

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Mills was an Australian Odinist and neo Pagan activist. He is considered one of the most significant figures behind the resurfacing of neo Paganism in the 20th century. During the Interwar Period he became fascinated by fascism, in particular the British and German models. He travelled to both countries meeting the leaders of the British Union of Fascists, Imperial Fascist League and the National Socialist German Workers Party prior to WW2. Upon his return to Australia he became fully immersed in racial politics, combining them with his personal Odinist beliefs.

Mills became a member of the Australia First Movement, a group rallying behind isolationism and non interventionism. His writings under the name Tasman Forth, expressed extreme anti Semitism, accusing Judeo Christianity of actively destroying heritage, race and culture of all nations. He was afraid that communism would take over Australia and believed that an alliance between Australia and the Axis Powers was the most favourable decision for Australia.

He died in 1964.