Andrew Bolt

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Andrew Bolt is a right wing shock jock that refers to himself as a journalist. He began his career working for The Age originally as a sports writer. He became involved in talkback radio and appeared as a panellist on several TV programs. Bolt is a regular contributor to The Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun and The Courier Mail, where he works as one of Rupert Murdoch’s prime provocation propagandists. He is the host of his own show The Bolt Report where he is usually busy race baiting, whinging about “liberals” or claiming that global warming is a big bad lie engineered by the left to tax rich people. He is known for his hard-line conservative political views and controversial remarks, said for sensational effect.

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Throughout his career, his views and general conduct have earned him large amounts of criticism. He was exposed in 2003 for leaking information on the Iraq War in an effort to discredit Andrew Wilkie, former intelligence analyst turned anti war critic. This was done out of his staunch support for the conservative Liberal government of John Howard.

A constant throughout Bolt’s career has been his race baiting, targeting in particular Aboriginal peoples. He referred to the kidnapping of Aboriginal children known as the Stolen Generation as a “myth” and fabrication. In 2011 he was found guilty of violating Sect 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, claiming certain high profile indigenous activists and personalities had been exploiting their ethnicity to further their careers. His articles were described as being factually incorrect, containing distortions of truth and using intentionally provocative language.

Bolt is an outspoken Islamophobe and critic of immigration. He was heavily involved in repealing the Racial Discrimination Act on his claims that it gags free speech, coincidently being the same law that he was snagged with. He has used his media platform to spread fear and distrust of Muslims, questioning whether they are compatible with Western society. He has advocated immediate restrictions and bans on migration from certain regions into Australia. Bolt has even expressed sympathy for the formation of several ultra nationalist anti immigrant vigilante groups in Europe.

Bolt’s bullshit

Aside from his historical revisionist comments on 1st Nations genocide in Australia, Bolt supports an array of far right conspiracy theories. Amongst other things, Bolt is a climate sceptic who refers to global warming as a scam. His reporting on the topic is so biased with little basis in fact which has led to the Australian Communications and Media Authority has deemed his content to be completely subjective.

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Bolt with extreme right activist Ralph Cerminara

A large part of Bolt’s stick is entwined with espousing the concerns of Australia’s far right movement, playing in particular to the ears of those fearful of Islam and immigration. In recent times Bolt has taken aim at “political correctness” a term he uses to describe a subversive plot by the so called “left” to engineer mass censorship targeting unpopular opinion. Basically he is the loudest of all the racist sooks whinging about how persecuted he is because he can’t vilify minorities like you used to back in the 50s.

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Throughout the American election in 2016 Bolt voiced support for Donald Trump, even lending support to America’s alt right movement by interviewing transphobic woman hating anti immigration activist Milo Yiannopoulos, going as far as to call him “fabulous” and did everything short of begging him to tour Australia.

Bolt has been as smitten as ever with Donald Trump’s alt right supporters in America, doing his darnedest to encourage an Australian equivalent to prevail in the face of leftist tyranny. He has done this from his warm and cushy city high rise studio by empowering Australian imitators such as Mark Latham & Avi Yemini, two kindred spirits.

In early June Bolt had a run in with some masked protestors where he appeared to have some glitter spilled on him. According to Bolt and his prior chorus of professional sooks that sprinkling a bit of coloured plastic is the end of the future of democracy in Australia. After admitting to assaulting these people (who had not touched Bolt) and even kicking one whilst they were down (which according to video footage did not even happen) the dickhead demanded praise and congradulation, knowing that it won’t come naturally. He even tried to flog his soiled suit to further capitalise from the situation. What a snowflake.

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Bolt gives gobbies for the glitter fairy