Andrew “Drew” Frazer

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Fraser is a Canadian born white nationalist intellectual that lives in Australia in the Blue Mountains. Fraser worked as a teacher and professor of constitutional history at Macquarie University in Sydney. He caused a level of controversy when he wrote a highly inflammatory article against Sudanese & Arab immigration in Australia and its negative impacts, blaming them for a rise in crime, violence and poverty.

Fraser was closely associated with the Australia First Party and its radical youth wing the Patriotic Youth League (now known as the Eureka Youth League). Despite being banned from his position within the university, Fraser continues to write articles in defence of the Cronulla Riots as well as wishing to reinstate the White Australia Policy.

The nutty professor would go on to become more closely associated with the AFP splinter group Australian Protectionist Party. He would become an associate of Nick Hunter Folkes, whom he organised the Ironbark Social Club (white nationalist forum) with. Throughout his career Fraser has travelled across the world to attend white nationalist events and remains a regular contributor to white supremacist publications such as VDARE, The Occidental Quarterly, American Renaissance and Alternative Right.