Angry Anderson

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AKA Gary Anderson is a celebrity and lead singer of a mainstream rock band. Angry earned his nickname on account of his violent history and so called “youthful transgressions”, and is known to be hot headed and explosive. He is best known as the lead singer and front man for the Australian pub rock band Rose Tattoo, that rose to prominence during the 80s with hits such as Bound for Glory and We Cant Be Beaten.

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Anderson has been vocal about his right wing conservative views throughout his career. During the late 80s early 90s had some questionable associations with neo Nazi RAC band White Lightning front man Chumly. He is also chummy with criminal 1% bikie gang the Mobshitters, with whom he is still in contact with. In 2011 he announced his intention to join the agrarian conservative party the Nationals and endorsed Tony Abbott as PM, being a vocal against the Carbon tax and immigration. He appeared on the SBS documentary Go Back To Where You Came From where he was quoted saying “Stick your illegals up your arse.”

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Anderson addressing ALA meeting

For Angry, his political views have always been very much apart of his tough guy image which is symptomatic of his little man syndrome. But of late, it seems he has been doing much more than keeping up a marketable image. He appeared at the Melbourne launch of the Australian Liberty Alliance, where he acted as MC for the event. He has been endorsed as one of the ALA candidates for NSW. Funny thing about that is, like the rest of the ALA candidates, we didn’t hear much of them at all in the polls, presumably because most came almost dead last.

After a humiliating defeat at the polls, Angry seems to remain engaged with the anti Islam far right. He has agreed to address several meetings being organised by the Q Society, whose leadership are up on defamation charges. The gatherings, backed by far right Liberal poli’s Cory Bernardi & George Christensen as well as withering old bigot Larry Pickering.