Aryan Nations

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Aryan Nations is a neo Nazi white supremacist organisation. It was founded in the 1970s in Idaho, USA by Christian minister Richard Butler. The organisation takes its ideology from the Christian Identity movement, a white supremacist revisionist strand of Christianity that claims whites as the lost tribe of Israel and the Jews as the spawn of satan. Since the 80s, Aryan Nations as an organisation has been connected to a large amount of neo Nazi terrorism throughout America and have operated paramilitary training for white power militants.

The Australian chapter was founded in 2014 by neo Nazi bonehead Robert Edhouse after he returned from the US and became buddies with a AN affiliated neo Nazi biker club the Sadistic Souls. You remember Rob, don’t you? The guy that looked heaps awkward trying to dress like a skinhead at the Sydney Golden Dawn event in Doonside? Tucks his t-shirt into his undies? Yeah that guy. Since its formation the group has been active in minor levels of vandalism, taking naughty photos and distributing AN propaganda via letter box drop in Perth, like their mates from S88 did in Syd. They are also active members of the Perth UPF chapter, hosting the boys on their trip up to the third Reclaim Australia rally.

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Thanks to the local AN website, they have kindly provided us with a sizeable gallery of their membership. Hey, cheers guys!

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Edhouse centre

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On the 10th of May, AN members including dear leader Robert Edhouse, were arrested and charged with murder. The victim Alan Taylor, a middle aged white male was found beaten to death by the gang of neo Nazi bones. Edhouse conspired with his lover and fellow ANP member Melony Taylor to kill her ex husband and father to her children for his life insurance. Nice people.

Since the heat brought on by, you know, the murder trial, whats left of Aryan Nations seems to have been amalgamated into the bonehead group Right Wing Resistance.

Prominent Figures

Robert Edhouse