Australian National Socialist Party/ Australian Nazi Party

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A small neo Nazi political party. It was founded in the 60s by Arthur C Smith in reaction to the rising current of left wing activism during this period. Numbering very small, the NSPA were active in dressing up in full Nazi uniform and standing on street corners bearing Nazi flags. It was primarily made up of stragglers and former members of Frank Browne’s Australian Party. It merged later with a former splinter group the National Socialist Party of Australia.

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Members of the NSPA, most notably Ross May and Jim Saleam, were involved in heckling and intimidating hippies, gay rights activists and leftists. The NSPA were also responsible for arson and bombing attacks on Communist Party HQs and bookshops. It disappeared during the 70s.

Prominent Figures

Arthur C Smith

Jim Saleam

Ross May

Don Lindsay

Ted Cawthron

Bob Cameron

Neil Garland