Australian Nationalist Movement

A far right neo Nazi orientated terrorist group. It was founded in the mid 80s by former NA member Jack Van Tongeren. Based predominantly in Western Australia, the ANM formed a group dedicated to carrying out direct action as opposed to the empty rhetoric expressed by groups like the NA. It recruited skinheads and other hardcore neo Nazi activists.

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The ANM engaged initially in the production and distribution of racist leaflets and anti Semitic material. It also targeted leading politicians who were soft on immigration and supportive of multiculturalism. To finance their activity, the ANM conducted a string of armed robberies and car theft in order to purchase weapons for the group. It conducted several arson attacks on mostly Asian owned businesses.

The ANM was shut down following police inquiries into the motivation of these attacks. Van Tongeren was imprisoned several times for his involvement in terrorism and conspiracy. Members of the group turned on each other, resulting in a death. There was a film made about the group called Nazi Supergrass.

Prominent Figures

Jack Van Tongeren