Bernard Gaynor

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Gaynor is a far right activist. He served in the Australian Defence Force in military intelligence briefly before being sacked for criticising the high command for allowing LGBTIQ people to join the armed forces and not being heavy handed enough in its plight against Islam.

He entered into activism as a traditionalist conservative using his veteran status as his credential in the far right. He was involved in the right wing populist Katter’s Australia Party, another party renowned for its obscenely homophobic comments and views. He was most notorious for his opinions regarding LGBTIQ people being allowed to teach, being quoted saying “Looking back in hindsight, i guess its all clear now. I had poo-poohed the right for sodomites to educate my children.”

Gaynor has since become an influential figure in the Australian Islamophobic movement. He operates a website modestly called that is full of gay bashing Christian extremist bullshit, good old Aussie nationalism and something about Barnaby Joyce being halal certified.

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Gaynor currently leads his own online-based group called the Defence Conservative Action Network, which he founded in 2014. He would view himself as a Christian crusader fighting for god and nation. Really he is just a stuck up Catholic school boy full of fear and hate.

Gaynor has been involved in the Reclaim Australia movement, being the key organiser and speaker of both the Gold Coast rallies in April 4th and July 19th alongside Larry Pickering.

Since the launch of the Australian Liberty Alliance by Dutch far right politician Geert Wilders, Gaynor has jumped on board. He has been announced as the groups regional leader in the Gold Coast. He currently stands as the ALA Queensland Senate candidate and held several meetings to gain support in Febuary and March in Ipswich, Toowoomba and Dalby.

Bernie has a bad smell about him, resembling something of a desperate door to door sales leader, delivering a false and transparent pitch to his desperate and easily misled supporters. The difference is his product is more dangerous than a dodgy electricity bill scam.

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Fuck off Bernie, your boring!

It seems that Bernie has wormed his way to the front of the queue for the ALA leadership (That Debbie seems like a bit of a push over). He and his ALA appear to be one of the only options for patriot voters. At the forefront of his campaign, Bernie and the ALA stand to put immediate bans on Islamic immigration and dismantle the Safe Schools program as a priority.

Due to his extreme Catholic fundamentalism, Bernie is left scratching his noodle as to who he hates more, Muslims or LGBTIQ people. In a shameless display, Bernie went as far as to use the Orlando shooting of LGBTIQ bar to further his anti Muslim agenda. This Man. Who refers to people as sodomites and calls for them to be persecuted by law is now a champion for civic liberties and freedoms. Fuck off.