Bevan O’Regan

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A far right politician from Narrabri, NSW. Prior to politics, he worked as a wheat and cattle farmer. O’Regan was formerly a member of the extreme right Australians Against Further Immigration. He stood as the AAFI senate candidate for NSW in 1996. He also held close ties to the League of Rights who helped him produce his Your Council The Target.

O’Regan would later jump ship to the One Nation Party, following a major exodus of AAFI members. He stood as their candidate for the NSW senate in the 1998 election. He was considered a prominent member of the party, said to be part of the inner circle of party policy authors.

Today, O’Regan is a old cod in Narrabri, disengaged from party politics and even finds himself a sympathiser of NVDA at the Leard blockade.