Blair Cottrell

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Blair Cottrell is a far right activist based in Frankston, Victoria. Cottrell had been invisible until the Reclaim Australia rallies, where he became involved in online propaganda promoting the event, working closely with the Nationalist Republican Guard. He has founded his own marginal group called the National Democratic Party of Australia, based on its German neo Nazi counterpart.

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(Cottrell back in his emo days crying about the death of white Australia)

Since the collapse of the Reclaim Australia movement, Cottrell jumped on the bandwagon of the United Patriot Front. He was one of the key organisers of the rallies that took place in Melbourne on the 31st of May against socialist councillors in the Yarra. He can be seen hiding at the back of the rally in videos. He has since risen to become the UPF’s most prominent figure, over the heads of his two dopey mates Shermon and Neil. We seem to have a new champion against political correctness, great.

(Cottrell working on his Nazi posture at 1st Melbourne Reclaim)

Cottrell, a known user of steroids and body enhancements, has admitted on Facebook to hate Jews and Muslims and his love for Hitler is such that he want all kids to read Mein Kampf once a year at school. He has also admitted to beating women, who he often expresses an open hatred towards, claiming women are trying to feminise and control men in a real MRA way. He has also served 19 months in prison for burning down the house of a guy who slept with his girlfriend. He has also allegedly been charged with offences relating to burglary and steroid trafficking.

(More info from Slackbastard)

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(Silly old Blair dressed up as a Brownshirt)

Cottrell is fond of making dull educational videos that he takes REALLY seriously. Like he thinks he is convincing, teaching or brainwashing people with this shit. Maybe he is. Its usually of him doing dramatic crap like, you just so happen to start filming him whilst he’s playing chess, working out, or at lunch in his tradie gear. I mean, come on, get your hand off it matey.

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It is no secret the man feels a deep affinity with German national socialism. He appears to have mimicked the orator style of Adolf Hitler, emulating him in speech, spirit and thought. Cottrell’s vision is to build a vanguard ultra nationalist movement in Australia.

Cottrell, or Australia’s national crusader, has continued his on going assault on  political correctness, by kindly taking time out of his busy life to explain to us how councillors that block UPF hate speech and Nuremburg rallies as the “corrupt communist elite who control the antifa communist kids”. He has done this through asking his supporters to send “Your Will” letter’s to the Governor General to have Steven Jolly removed from office.

Blair ran into a few problems. After trying to stage a propaganda video at the site of the proposed mosque in Bendigo, he got the location wrong, but hey, in Cottrell’s words “That DOES’NT FUCKING MATTER!”. In the same video, he posed next to a church which he described as a “purely Australian creation” while denouncing the effects of foreign culture on Australia. He didn’t check the signs on the church that called for the welcoming of refugees. D’OH!

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Cottrell led the UPF rally on the 29th of August in Bendigo against the construction of the mosque. He took the podium in his typical Nazi styled demeanor and espoused ultra nationalist/ fascist rhetoric. He also took part in a charge towards counter protests in an attempt to break through police lines, which resulted in him getting pepper sprayed with the half strength stuff. Enough to put a tear in your eye isn’t it mein fuhrer?

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 10.41.27 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 10.36.30 PM

(still wondering where Cottrell gets his passionate speaking gestures from?)

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(Blair washing the pride out of the eyes)

He is also influenced greatly by the organising tactics of the German neo Nazi National Democratic Party, who operate political/ electoral campaigns parallel to building an active street based movement (see autonomous nationalisten). Only difference is Blair cant seem to get it off the ground. The UPF’s strategy has been that of the NPD’s in Germany, attempting to build support in smaller rural towns, build a gradual support base and eventually force out dissenters, creating whats known as “nationally liberated zones”. This strategy is obvious in Bendigo with mixed levels of success.

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We all know old Blair has figured himself as a fascist intellectual for some time now. This is evident in the endless so called re-education videos. Equipped with his pure whiteboard (never black lol) he sets out to dissect the parasitic liberal politically correct elite, whose agenda is to remain subservient to Islam and foreigners at the expense of Australians. The silly old sausage has now started his own FB page dedicated to his ideological re development. The page upon creation was hounded by an array of Blair’s old school peers amongst others who denounced him as a joke, but not before the FB overlord removed all comments that have besmirched its fuhrer, Blair. Hmmmm

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(A good sign for any coherent political movement is to not understand it)

After a quick glance in the mirror, few hours in the gym with old mate Sewell and dusting off the old blackshirt, Blair was at it again. The same old spiel was given, something something NATION, something something INSIDE YOU, something TRAITOR. Yeah, we’ve heard it all before mate.

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Given the ever growing sparkle in the eye of our over-enthusiastic fascist leader, Blair seems to have taken a liking to the so-called “lefty media”, flaunting himself at every opportunity.  He appeared on Triple J following the Bendigo rally where he claimed that all Muslims will turn on Australia and create an ISIS styled caliphate if they are given the opportune moment. After Shermie bowed out, Blair now holds total control and leadership over the UPF.

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When not out ‘smashing’ political correctness, Blair and his mates spend a lot of time talking about subversion. The subversion of Australian culture by political correctness, Islam, corrupt politicians, Halal food, university professors, the media, etc, take your pick as the list goes on. Yet Blair was oblivious the inner circle of UPF being allegedly infiltrated by authorities. Blair was even given a bugged phone to organise the rally. Great foresight for the leader of a movement.

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Mr UPF has been getting rather cocky lately. In November, he and his merry band of fascists entered into both the 3CR radio station and the Melbourne Anarchist Club (MAC) where the five of them surrounded and intimidated lone worker Leigh Kendall. His bold stunt lasted a mere 12 minutes before he and his would be Einzengruppen scuttled away like termites after two women turned up and began to film them.

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Blair and the boys had a big day out at Reclaim 3 in Perth, which coincidentally turned out to be one of the poorer turnouts across Australia. More was heard of his interest in forming the new UPF political party Fortitude; though his speech (but not hand gestures) got blasted over with music. The day turned out in usual fashion, marching with a police escort, a series of mind numbing fascist speeches and returning to the police escort to retreat to a pub and then uploading videos gloating how the police protected them once again.

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 12.19.20 am.png

Blair led a very quick action at Melbourne Parliament House on the 28th of November against Premier Daniel Andrews for calling the UPF bigots. They were stopped dead in their tracks when confronted by a group of anti fascists who chased them down the streets with their tails between their legs, but then again, that was all part of the plan to begin with…

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 9.55.57 pm.png

Well, you could say the big fella’s dream of having young men at rallies carrying flags with his name on them has materialised before his own eyes with Blair announcing the formation of the UPF’s political wing, Fortitude. Isn’t that more of a noun than a name for a political party? Here comes the grand speech as to how building the UPF through Reclaim was a part of the plan all along to form a political party, a new party, one that is of the Aussie fighting spirit. One thats different from the Liberal and Labour dichotomy. Geez, anyone heard that one before. It has proven to be the latest platform for old mates humongous ego which appears to be inflating by the minute, patronising his own followers by giving them english lessons from a whiteboard. Lol.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 10.14.30 pm.png

Oh, and did I forget to mention that our fearless anti Islamic warrior enjoys a good old Halal snack pack from the local Kebab shop? Silly duffer.

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Blair and his merry band of followers have been busy organising membership drive rallies in Toowoomba, Orange and Bendigo as well as attending the PEGIDA rally in Canberra. Whilst he and the rest of the patriots were preparing to take flight, his old mates Neil and Shermie outed Blair’s overt allegiance to Nazism and his secretive history within Nationalist Alternative, a neo fascist group. After being too busy as a result of self promotion, attempting to profit off tragedies in France and Germany and having a repetitive rant about the Jewi-sorry Zionist media; old mate was caught with an egg on his face about his Nazi ties. Oops! that cant be good for a leader of a legitimate political party! Erikson released video footage of a chat had between himself and old Blair in which he outlined his intention to create a movement based on a lie, planning to target Muslims and the political left first, then solve “the Jewish question”.

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Blair and his cronies have remained straight faced after two flops in both Toowoomba and Orange. In Toowoomba, the UPF/ Fortitude rally (gathering) numbered no more than a hundred (generous) throughout the day. In Orange, he hit a few snags when they were not allowed to march, give speeches or even carry their flag. Blair remained jubilant, claiming to have recruited up to 70 people into the party (doubtful) and had a good chuckle at the local “modern degenerate art” (fkn nzi cnt) before heading home. Suppose no one told the big fellah that indeed the painting was done by kids from the local pre school. So, i guess no one is safe from insult, not even the kids. Hope you feel big bro.

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Entering turbulence. Well, you know all those rumours about Blair going to prison, well they turned out to be true. In a combination of his files being hacked and the leaking of his prison interview, it is safe to say the fuhrer is having a rough run.  He went to blow off some steam in Bendigo with a few of his Nazi mates where he made it to the park after having to walk the entire town to avoid counter protesters, just so he can practice his air humping. The guy is slipping.

After a major drop of support in Bendigo, an overall flop at the UPF east coast tour and several major defects in UPF, its safe to say old Adolf shot his gun too quick after having delusions of grandeur. He has even taken to writing his own political biography after being active for less than a year. Well he needs a new cause. It seems he has ditched his plans about having a reunion April 4 rally in Melbourne to mark the formation of the UPF (lol) and focus instead on another anti mosque campaign in Narre Warren, built on lies and exaggeration, yet again.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 2.50.17 pm.png

Blair’s ultra masculine crusade against queer people, feminazis (women), Indigenous Australians, Muslims and immigrants have been amplified throughout the last month of UPF activity. He and the UPF have since:

  • Targeted the state funded Safe Schools program, an anti bullying program aimed at preventing the bulling of trans and LGBTIQ people through education.
  • Walked about Sydney’s Chatswood filming its Asian residence and community
  • Praising the settlement of white Australia at the expense of its First Nations people
  • Momentarily held a banner at the Collingwood AFL game at the MCG that read “UPF Stop the Mosques”

Firstly, Blair attacking an anti bullying campaign in schools is reflective of the kind of man he is and hopefully does not need to be explained as fucked. Secondly, walking around an Asian community and filming without consent is exactly what Sydney based neo Nazi gang Squadron 88 did in Ashfield. Classy and original. Thirdly, his defensiveness of captain Cook and his murderous conquest of this continent is reflective of his lack of knowledge of basic Australian history. It is more so reflective of  his eagerness to run to the aid of over-fed moronic pop radio personality Kyle Sandilands to compete with who can be the most insensitive white supremacist and genocide apologist. Lastly, the banner is just funny, considering they were dragged away from the stadium kicking and screaming.

In funnier news, Blair and his two mates turned up at a dairy farmer protest on the 24th of May with the intention of hijacking the rally for white nationalism. Instead the melon head was booed off by farmers who had had enough of his rant about superior and inferior milk and putting Aussie milk first!. Blair left the protest teary eyed, being one of the most humiliating moments in his life I’m sure.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 7.14.04 pm.png

(Blair practicing Nazi speeches in the broom closet)

Blair and his UPF stooges accompanied the True Blue Crew in counter protesting a rally calling for the closure of detention centres on the 28th of May in Coburg. Unable to muster more than 50, Blair announced to the media that he intended to use “force and terror” to counter the opposition. Taking to a megaphone he incited a young crowd of his peers to attack the counter demonstration, but were repelled by anti fascists and Coburg locals.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 11.59.51 pm

The guy has reached a new level of depravity of late. If one may notice, the recent videos made by Blair appear much darker and his mopey man-child ramblings is more pronounced than ever before. Blair has stated that he INTENDED for Fortitude to fail to register as a political party, that he INTENDED for his mates to get stomped in Coburg and that he  even INTENDED to fail at retaining any supporters from the Reclaim Australia movement. Dunno, kinda sounds like a guy intending to lose.

(Cheery and inspirational words)

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 6.45.46 pm.png

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 6.46.45 pm.png

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 6.47.18 pm.png

Blairs views on women


Blairs got cooties

Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 2.51.31 am.png

Another thing Blair reckons he intended to happen was being called “overtly Nazi” by the media following the Coburg UPF counter rally. Now the silly man reckons he has grounds for a defamation case. Firstly mate, hanging out in a park with a bunch of neo Nazi boneheads every other Saturday isn’t a convincing look. Secondly, quoting British Nazis online is kinda asking for it. I thought all that time in court and jail for burning down garages would have taught you something.

(William Joyce, leader of the National Socialist League)

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 10.52.20 pm.png

Blair further illustrated his lapse in self control when he turned up with sidekick Sewell to Melbourne at a FFFAD (Friends, Family and Feminists Against Detention) rally. In a huff about momentarily losing the UPF FB page, Blair and Sewell approached an unsuspecting gathering of women with his camera saying “hey chicks, what are you doing here, shouldn’t you be at home?”. Seemingly intoxicated on his own pleasure obtained from harassing women, Blair proceeded to assault a person much smaller than himself. This incident further demonstrates the fact that the guy is losing it.

The sight of the young fuhrer these days is sad in its own ironic way. The once shoo-in for Aryan superman is no longer the fit, ripped young leader he once was. Now, the man has gained a few more pounds and lost muscle, and looks as though he has aged by an extra decade. More so, he’s hated by both the patriot’s (because he’s too Nazi) and Nazi’s(not Nazi enough), Blair is in rapid decline. He has lost respect from the patriot movement on account of his lack of courage on the front lines at rallies. He has lost respect from the Nazis for lacking the conviction in his nationalist views, so much so that they have turned to SHORTIS for direction. Holy shit, how did he fuck that up? Looks like his dreams of being a super villain are fast fading.

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 8.12.50 pm.png

Blair and the rest of the death eaters turned up at the TBC organised national flag rally in Melbourne on July 26. Whilst there, Blair and his mates burned an anarchist and Soviet flag after sneaking in from behind parliament with a police escort. The thing is, I remember Blair making a video following Coburg claiming that flags are trophies to be taken in battle and there is no pride in stealing flags from the back of his ute. Well thats all well and good, but what do you call a person who pays for flags in a shop and then burns them in public? Have a think about that one mate, seeing as the flags you burnt were not taken in battle or even visible at any protest in Australia. Lol.

Blair and his posse turned up at the Melbourne Black Live Matter protest in July, unfurling a banner that read Blue Lives Matter. This was done in an effort to taunt those marching against ongoing racist profiling and the growing epidemic of murders by police against Australia’s Indigenous peoples. Although hardly noticed by passersby, Der fuhrer and his mates in wolfsengle badges seemed intent on agitating violence. In the prelude to this, Blair had jumped on his webcam and claimed those attending the BLM were blood thirsty cop killers out to agitate violence against police. Then we have you and a couple of Nazi thugs rock up in masks, out to agitate violence against the protest. Could you be more hypocritical and reactionary mate?

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 5.19.33 pm.png

Blair and what is left of the UPF turned up to the TBC organised Rally Against the Rise of Islam in Melton rally on the 28th of August. He took to the weird TBC podium to tell the small crowd that Australians are being bred out of existence and that. When confronted on why far right rallies have steadily declined in numbers and is now reduced to a gang of Nazis in matching hoodies drinking in a park in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, he says he is trimming the fat. Lol.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 8.23.45 pm.png

On the 10th of September Blair and life partner Sewell gatecrashed a function organised by Yarra councillor and Socialist Party member Stephen Jolly. The two were physically ejected by the meeting by a handful of SP members, foiling their plot at attempted intimidation. This is what they are reduced to, yet another totally predictable validity stunt. Find something better to do on a Saturday then gatecrashing trot parties.

In one of the most shamefull displays of liberal chin scratching in recent times, Blair was offered a spot on a live panel on Triple J’s Hack on September 23. The whole program was staged to give platform to Australia’s patriots, for an hour. Blair shared the panel with like minded One Nation voter  alongside Muslim lawyer Lydia Shelly, 1st nations activist Nayuka Gorrie, ADF veteran & liberal puppet Fox Lane and a couple of useless overeducated intellectuals who are wheeled out at the beck and call of ABC producers.

Hack- “Australians massacred indigenous people Blair” Blair-“And so what”

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 5.46.18 pm.png

Rehearsed liberal logic: “This is what we want isn’t it? discussing controversial issues in a democratic and a controlled and open atmosphere. Using out wit and intelligence we can make him look stupid, right?”. Wrong. By putting this guy who self identified on your program as being a racist only televised and promoted an already over- promoted sub movement. Sure the guy is violent sociopath, sure he is a neo Nazi, a basic understanding of these terms and a google search could tell you this. What is more offensive is that yuppie hipster Tom Tilley continued to ignore and speak over Nayuka Gorrie (the only black indigenous women on the panel) continuously, he called in Damian Rieu, leading figure in the French neo fascist Generation Identitaire movement to talk over the top of her. Nice work dipshits, maybe you can go back to promoting the next bubble gum pop track rather than attempt to articulate anything relating to oppression and fuelling extremism, cause you managed to achieve both in one hour.

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 11.44.12 pm.png

Despite Blairs gloomy predictions of election rigging and the such, his new idol Donald Trump was elected President. I guess he didn’t see that coming at all. This was of coarse followed in a typical procession of depressing and equally sociopathic videos. In these videos, Blair discusses the need for Trump to establish a gestapo styled organisation to purge leftists from “positions of influence” and eventually society. He also claimed that leftists are not “human” and that you cannot get a job in the media without being a “self mutilating angry lesbian”. He also reckons that everyone who supports political correctness are about to “hit a wall and die” via some obscure train metaphor. Thats nice.

Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 5.18.20 pm.png

Mr Cottrell attended the anti refugee rally at Eltham on November 5th. He kept his distance from the organising and facilitating of the rally which was organised by Sydney deadshit Nick Folkes, with whom Blair was most likely embarrassed of being connected to. He also elbowed his way into another event organised by some kid called Sampson (pictured below) in Melbourne celebrating the Trumps election. Unfortunately the event failed to attract over 30 bodies.

Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 7.57.24 pm.png

In a rather uninteresting video made by Blah, he revealed that he was one of the three men being charged with several counts of racial vilification against Muslims. The charges were laid against at least three of the participants of a fake beheading video in Bendigo alongside former UPF deputies Neil Erikson & Chris Shortis. Although it comes of little surprise that Blair was one of the accused, it is even less surprising that he remained silent (dishonest) about the charges until the last minute. Blair has joined his two former mates by pleading with his shrinking support base to bail him out by funding his court costs. Given the success these straw dogs of “patriotism” have had in swindling dollars out of their moronic supporters they may be in luck.

On the 29th of January 2017 Reclaim Australia organised a rally against Islamic terrorism in Sydney’s Martin Place. After subtly hinting that the UPF would have a presence on FB, Blair himself turned up, all alone to observe the rally. Refusing to speak to the 50 strong crowd of Reclaimers, Blair once again, appeared embarrassed in the quantity and quality of patriots within the movement. Funny, the only two photos we retrieved of Blair from the RA rally were taken with two neo Nazis.

With RWR leader Sammy Bins                        With Indonesian Nazi Abe Farrendy

screen-shot-2017-02-12-at-10-54-16-pm  Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 10.21.50 pm.png

On the 6th of March Blair and his merry band of men appeared in court for the first mention of their racial vilification & vandalism charges. Former colleagues and co accused Neil Erikson & Chris Shortis turned up with small entourages as did Blair who showed up in the company of his trusty steed Sewell.

Blair has apparently been to busy trying on his new suit in front of the mirror at home and thriving in the media light to understand basic court proceedings. You see, in a mention, you appear before a magistrate and enter your plea. It is not the begining to the court proceedings or apart of the hearing. All that stalking, late night jogs with hatchets and burning down houses should have taught him that.

On May 23 the self proclaimed Bendigo 3 returned to court to face a large police presence to protect them. Blair was accompanied by a handful of supporters including Farma John, Tiny Abbott, violent criminal Andrew Wallis, Linden Watson and some LARPer dressed as a Templar Knight.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 11.28.52 pm.png

Blair’s theme since has been to complain about being silenced, appearing in a video interview with English white supremacist Tara McCarthy to fish for sympathy for loosing the UPF Facebook page. He has continued to whinge about the censoring of his free speech by exercising his free speech on YouTube and Facebook as he is STILL not satisfying his entitled insatiable lust for attention & importance.

In a more controversial video released in late June Blair admitted he is a snitch who regularly meets with ASIO to discuss the rallies planned by the UPF. What his so called supporters would make of this we don’t know, or how many of them he has given information on.

Frankston’s village snitch hijacking TBC National Pride 24/6/17

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 11.50.58 pm.png

A chirpy Blair finds new platform on Twitter

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 7.34.57 pm

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 8.09.33 pm.png

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 8.09.40 pm.png

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 9.34.08 pm.png

Cottrell, Erikson & Shortis faced court on the 4th & 5th of September to stand trial for inciting serious contempt under the Racial & Religious Tolerance Act. On the morning before court, Blair came across a little triggered as he tripped over his shoelaces whilst being ushered inside court by an army of police. A smug Cottrell baited the media with “fake news” taunts between his court appearance. Unfortunately for the three men, they were convicted and charged 2000 each, a mere slap on the wrist for all that whinging.

More anti Semitic ranting

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 8.39.43 pm.png

Since his defeat in court, Blair has retreated to the internet to lick his wounds, announcing his intention to appeal his conviction. Cottrell, who chose to represent himself, opened himself up to an easy legal defeat due to his lack of knowledge of the court system and his delusional self perception of him starring in some kind of movie, which was amplified by the gross media attention on their case.

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 7.39.59 pm.png

Still without his praised FaceBook platform, Blair/ the UPF have failed to hold any relevance within the far right and woefully watch as he is overtaken by far lesser groups. Blair was given a platform on a podcast interview by Red Ice Creations, a Swedish American neo Nazi online media website that promotes the more hardline racialist/ white supremacist wing of the alt right internationally. Red Ice was hacked months earlier by anti fascists, who were successful in bringing down the website and destroying much of its archives.