Bob Hart

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A Sydney based far right knob. Bob or Potato Bob popped up like the turd he is after several prominent far right video bloggers lost their platform on Facebook. This provided an opportunity for the likes of Bob to step up as one of the potentially new kids on the Zuccerblock. Unfortunately for Bob his clownish behavior, unsettling camera presence and deficient personality set him back, failing to attract any form of following. Devastated by his failure to claim a place amongst the long list of shamed patriot camera queens, Bob deleted his own page several times out of well placed embarrassment.

(The many faces of Bob)

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(Lol. Bob gets triggered a little too easy)

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Bob is another bloke who will take a conspiracy theory over an education which he is in dire need of. His theories leave the viewer in belly up laughter or scratching their noodle in much the same way as one would observe a obscure study on the effects of psychedelic drugs on a oxygen deprived brain. He is also a big fan of Captain Cook and the English colonization of Australia, a concept that is the focus of most of his painful videos. He has called the Aboriginal flag a symbol of apartheid and the slavery of white people, and called for it to be banned in Australia. In the same breath he claims First Nations people (as a race) are alcoholics and abusive to their families. Oh he also thinks the Aboriginal flag is symbolic of anarcho communism?

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Bob has seen to have found a home in the bizarre cult of anarcho capitalism. Aside from being an oxymoron, an-caps advocate extremist brand of right libertarianism that calls for the creation of corporate cartels with private armies to dominate society and enslave the poor in the name of the free market and individual liberty.

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