Brendan Ball

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Ball is a far right politician from the Gold Coast. Alongside his involvement in far right politics, Ball worked as a sales engineer at Energy Power Systems Australia. Prior to that he resided in Sydney. Ball, the former ONP Townsville branch leader, was selected as the One Nation Party candidate for the seat of Fadden in the Gold Coast.

Meet your local member for Fadden:

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When he is not overtly displaying his pride for his Saxon heritage he seems keen on ripping on Muslims. On his candidate profile on the ONP website, Ball is quoted saying “I am deeply concerned by the creeping Islamisation of Australia and would ask people to think, will it make Australia a better place for our children to live in? I believe the majority of my countrymen will say that the answer is no way!”

(Ball sharing extreme right party Britain First propaganda)

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Ball is the kind of aggressive campaigner the ONP could only dream of, getting up to all kinds of mischief in the lead up to the 2016 election. He was removed by security from a Gold Coast senior’s expo he was attending with a relative after instigating a confrontation with a rival Liberal candidate. At the polling booth his team was involved in a scuffle due to a racist remark one of his campaigner’s made to a Muslim woman.

Now all I hear these days are far right dead shits banging on about issues such as child grooming, as if they are the beacons of morality in the modern world. What do you call a guy who coerces children below the age of consent to become the face of ONP campaigning, being filmed then broadcasted across social media for all to see, regardless of safety concerns or their future objections. Sounds like child grooming to me.

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