Brian Burston

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A far right politician from Billbird, NSW. Burston worked as an alderman councillor on Cessnock City Council from the late 80s until the 2000s, holding the position of Deputy Mayor as well as being a parliamentary advisor and research officer in the NSW parliament. Following a brief stint in mining he currently works as a lecturer in Engineering Drawing at both Sydney and Newcastle TAFE.

Both he and his twin brother Graham are longtime members of the One Nation Party, with Brian formally holding the position of National Director. Burston was apart of the David Oldfield faction that attempted a coup against the leadership of Pauline Hanson in 2000. In Hanson’s ‘Untamed and Unashamed’ she tells how she had barricaded herself in the party office in an attempt to retrieve party documents out of their hands. As a result both men were expelled from the party. I wonder Pauline why now the change of heart?

(Hold me, David)

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Burstons views on Islam are problematic so to say, and strike one to ponder whether this man or any of his colleagues have actually ever met a Muslim. Burston does not make any effort of concealing his bigotry to the press either. He probably thinks, like Pauline, that every bigoted and sensationalist remark draws him closer to victory at the polls.I guess they are right as Burston was elected as one of the four ONP candidates to the senate. 

(Quotes courtesy of Daily Telegraph)

“We need a Royal Commission or an inquiry into Islam to determine if it is a religion or a political ideology and I would suggest to you that it is the later, and if that is the case then it is not eligible for tax breaks,”’

“Islam is an infringement on our culture; we’re a Christian country, I know we have some Jews as well…but the Muslims, they kneel five times a day and it’s not how we are in this country.”

”There are no questions about that. The Catholic Church and Jewish people don’t go and blow people up and we’re bringing people here from Syria with those ideologies.”

“They’re coming, all of a sudden they’re out to be our best mates and the one day they just take over; they will introduce the Caliphate, they want a Caliphate here and it will happen one day.”

“You can’t have a beer, you can’t have a smile, the women have to be covered up like a tent; why do you think we have so much support… people are very worried and we want to protect our own people and make decisions that are for the good of Australia”

Since his former mutineer days within One Nation, Burston appears to be a loyal dog at the feet of Hanson the second time round. During his maiden speech in the Senate, Burston called the ABC a cultural Marxist organisation and called for it to be shut down and reborn as the “Patriotic Broadcasting Corporation” lol.