Buddy Rojek

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This baby faced melon headed idiot is Buddy Rojek. Rojek was originally a member of the Palmer United Party, running as a candidate for Corangamite in Victoria. He was later expelled by the party for being a naughty boy, promising to throw a massive party upon his election victory complete with models and prostitutes to be enjoyed by loyal supporters and volunteers.

Since falling out with old Palmer, he has gone from Rojek to Reject. He has nestled in with the ever diminishing “patriots” movement of Shermon Burgess, attending the United Patriots Front rally against communist councillors in the Melbourne suburb of Richmond on the 31st of May. He has now become one of the many zombie type patriotic video activists under the title Aussie Patriots Swarm?, set up with a cheap Aussie cap and confused sense of bewilderment regarding the collapse of their movement.

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(Buddy loses his hat to some cool cats)

Since Richmond, Rojek seems to have spiralled into darker place’s, now identifying as a National Socialist (Nazi), awaiting his chance to become the next fuhrer of Australia. Jesus just when you thought you had enough of little fascist sect leaders this guy has to come along and make another bed on your proverbial floor.

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A deranged  yeti spotted at Reclaim 2, yea the kind of guy you would expect to see lingering out the front of kindergartens, the nazi creep.

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Buddy continues to make entertaining videos where he professes his ever lasting love for Adolf Hitler & the Third Reich. Buddy was found handing out leaflets for his one man group the Australian National Socialist Workers Party or some crap at the Bendigo rally in October. He had his rubbish confiscated and was removed from the protest by anti fascists, with whom he attempted to provoke a fight with in front of cops.

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(See ya later, National Socialists, lol.)

Buddy continues his quest for infamy and relevance. He has continued to post videos on the UPF page where he has attacked them for being an unintelligent, unorganised pack of “cunts” who need to step out the way so Buddy and well Buddy can take the reigns. It grows more farcical and comical by the day.

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(Everyones favourite Jewish neo Nazi)