Cailen Cambeul

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Cailen Cambeul AKA Colin Campbell is a white supremacist pig from Adelaide. Cambeul has been active within Australia’s white supremacist movement for over two decades. He was an active member of National Action during the mid 90s. He would later become disillusioned with activism for a period.

(the sort of shit he posts online)

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Campbell is a self proclaimed minister within the makeshift neo Nazi religious cult Creativity Movement, being a part of the faction that identifies as the Creativity Alliance. In the past Cambeul was a collaborator of David Innes. In 2005 he gained international notoriety for attempting to incite a race riot in New Zealand following the Cronulla Riots in Sydney the same year, producing a racist leaflet to be distributed that read “Let’s Take Back Our Land & Show Them Some White Power!”. 

Today, Campbell remains active, heading the Creativity Alliance, what he considers the Australian addition to the racist religious movement. He has been active in Adelaide’s white power scene, making an appearance at the first Reclaim Australia rally in SA. He also holds close ties to the Australia First Party, supporting them at their occasional and poorly attended events.

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Campbell at AFP demo in Adelaide 2016

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