Chris Shortis

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An Australian ultra-nationalist/ white supremacist activist. Shortis is a leading figure in the United Patriots Front and frequently makes videos on their behalf. He was first heard whaling on a megaphone for an awfully long time at the first UPF rally/ attempted march in Richmond. Old mate is a new earth creationist, meaning he believes the world is around 7000 years old. Lol.

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Everything about Shortis screams deranged lunatic. Prior to his morbid obsession with nationalism, the bloke operated a Youtube channel where he voiced his intention to martyr himself for his faith and constantly preparing himself for apocalyptic Armageddon. And guess what? Everyones in on it, the Pope, the UN, abortion clinics, the Illuminati and the freemasons have teamed up to set up Port Arthur massacre to disarm Australian’s. Gee wiz, haven’t heard THAT one before. As a result, Shortis was ex communicated from his Seventh Day Adventist church for his extremist views. Shortis would also make videos on his views on gun control, often tossing around a couple of loaded rifles and handguns, which would result in the police deeming him a threat and seizing his guns. Basically, hes just a nut job, as seen below.

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As a result of the UPF leadership dropping like flies, old thumb face might be in luck. It is of no stretch of the imagination that a new creationist idiot would be taken in by yet another scandalous and equally dangerous ideological cult, fascism. The mentally gullible and feeble minded Shortis rose to becoming one of the UPFs top lieutenant. Armed with with a few Quran verses (ripped from Jihad Watch) and a t-shirt two sizes too small, Thumb traded his bible for a blackshirt, taking his place as Blair’s most devout follower, therefore forging the unholy alliance of Christian lunatics and neo Nazi Hitler fan boys that is the UPF.

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(Look guys, the thumb isn’t a racist bloke, look he is touching a black guy for a second whilst flexing his Aryan guns!)

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Ill tell you a funny story. Thumb, in his excitement to see fellow bible bashing patriot Scott Moerland followed him up to Brisbane following the rally. Whilst up there he was noted to have attended a reptile park with Moerland. Once there, Thumb boy got confused when a woman giving a tour and talk on dinosaurs got into a clash with Shortis. Thumb’s argument went something like this:

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This strapping crusader has been beside himself since Neil and Shermon dropped from the UPF leadership, becoming Blair‘s most devoted lapdog, so much so that Blair even bought him a little medallion! What a lucky boy!. He can be seen displaying it below. He has continued on his weird act at rallies where he acts like a kind of nationalist game show host when taking the podium. I guess that seems to be motivational in a sad way?

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(Being Chris Shortis)

Thumb has enjoyed his time on the East Coast tour to launch UPF’s political  party Fortitude, resurrecting the abstract patriotism inside all of us. He has posted once again photo evidence proving he is not a racist, cause he’s got an Asian mate. lol.

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(Thumb in Canberra for PEGIDA rally)

It seems the thumb has been broadening his ever narrowing horizons, taking a trip up to Sydney. He turned up to hang out with the Party for Freedom to counter protest a pro refugee rally organised by RAC (Refugee Action Coalition) on Palm Sunday. I guess his Christian nutcase zeal fits the pallet more with that mob. Thumb got a warm welcome from the Sydney patriots, well, 15 people including two fly ins from Adelaide.

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Thumb later took his new creepy mate George Jameson on a walking tour of Sydney’s CBD. First stop was the Lindt cafe, then off to the Supreme Court to find Greens senator Mehreen Faruqi, but gave up pretty quickly when they didn’t find her. lol. They then travelled to the office of Senator Lee Rhiannon where they were told she was in a meeting. With no contingency plan in place, the Thumb left empty handed and a day short. Personally, I would suggest make some better friends and maybe going to visit the beach rather than attempt to harass female politicians with your big aryan guns.

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(Thumb inciting violent racist mob in Coburg)

Thumb continues to toe the party line by making thousands of boring 20 minute videos in his spare time. He recently made a controversial video where he defended national socialism, saying it was the best alternative for the patriot movement. The man has since been praised by the so called “nationalists” (Nazis) who have flocked around him, ditching former poster boy Blair. Shortis has dipped his thumb further into white racialism when he caught up with notorious liberal journalist John Safran for a quick chat on how Australia is a white nation and must remain so. Also, that the Jews are behind globalism. Guess a little more historical revisionism and anti semitism can’t hurt the already tarnished and warped mind of a Nazi creationist.  

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(Thumb to be the new poster boy of the neo Nazis)

Thumb seems to have ignored all the warnings from his overlords over at the UPF by becoming a full Nazi. You never go full Nazi. He seems to have split from the UPF leadership and is now an admin on the Nazi FB page United Nationalists Australia, controlled by the Australia First. He also identifies as a Christian nationalist, joining the ranks with Matthew Grant. He still seems to be fond of making his lengthy and mentally draining video rants.

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(The Thumbs movies summarised in this facial expression)

Since joining the AFP (neo Nazi) milieu as a contributor to their FB page UNA, Thumb has been effectively sidelined. It appears that Shortis and a handful of former UPF members including Neil Erikson have been charged with charges relating to vandalism and incitement of religious and racial hatred. This is all on account of a stunt the grouplet pulled back in October last year to promote their Bendigo rally. Shortis himself dressed as a sheik and beheaded a dummy filled with red paint outside the front of a council building. And guess what? He wants YOU to pay for it.

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During the recent cat fight skirmishes between Sydney rival fascist grouplets Party for Freedom and Australia First Party, poor old Shorty was dragged into the e-fray. The Melbourne based AFP member and UNA editor was forced by his boss Jim to use his profile within the patriot movement to attack his old friends PfF for their pro Zionist positions. In an unconvincing video released on the UNA page, Thumb gave his best shot at fake laughing to the accusations that his boss, Jim, is of Arab dissent, (dismissing the fact that birth certificates have been found) and issued a threat to patriots to stop embracing Israel.

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Shortis and his two co accused Neil Erikson and Blair Cottrell faced court on the 6th of March for a mention. He was accompanied by AFP president Jim Saleam and fellow United Nationalists Australia editor Nathan Sykes. Shortis being the more mentally deficient of the defendants got swamped by reporters to which he gleefully responded with more Quran quotations. While Chris spoke his two sinister string pluckers hovered eagerly behind, watching over their feeble minded straw dog.

Shortis and his sad little Jewish Nazi mate Sykes were targeted in the Facebook purge that took out a number of far right pages, including their prized UNA. Despite the fact that the UNA page had about 50 followers, this was a significant blow to Shortis. He has also taken to Jew baiting on FB and not in the most subtle way, reforming their page under the name UNA Media.

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Shortis has joined in on Sykes’s sob chorus against fairfax journalist Luke McMahon, doing what he is told by his Sydney minders like a good boy. Shortis, who has simply swapped Blair for Saleam, seems to be a one man show in Victoria, being left to face court all alone. He organised a bazaar protest at the Melbourne Fairfax office on the 13th of June to shout on a megaphone asking who Luke McMahon is. A simple Google could have helped out. In any case, i think he would have drawn a bigger crowd when he used to be a a Christian street preacher.

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Shorty and his mates faced court on September 4th for racial & religious vilification. Shortis appeared to have listened to Dr Jim in regards to his media strategy, avoiding Neil’s theatrics and attempting to promote the AFP in a private interview on the ABC’s 7:30 Report. Following his conviction in court, Shortis was confronted on the streets after proudly stating he was a “white nationalist” and staunched off the street by an angry local. After being protected by what appears to have been a bonehead minder and an ABC  camera crew, the Thumb retreated to a coffee shop to finish his interview with the lugenpresse.

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