Chris Smith

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Chris Smith is a neo Nazi bonehead. Primarily active online, Smith was associated with the Australian edition of the Creativity Movement under bonehead Patrick O Sullivan. The two would eventually initiate bickering and feuding over the groups leadership and Smitty would move on to broader horizons.

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(Smitty centre with da boyz from VF and Klub Nation)

Smitty teamed up with National Anarchist fuhrer (lol) Welf Hurfurth to co-found the newly formed Australian edition of Volksfront, a neo Nazi bonehead gang. Aside from doing NOTHING, VF were largely known for posturing around Sydney’s West and operating an online blog called Anti Antifa Australia, which profiled and threatened left wing activists with violence.

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(Old gutziod bout to tuck in)

Chris Smith has since relocated from Sydney to Brisbane. He has continued to update his Anti Antifa Australia page via Fedbook. He has since thrown his lot in with his old mates from Whitelaw Towers, merging his invisible page with theirs.