Citizens Electoral Council

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A far right nationalist political party. It was founded in 1988 by former members of the Australian League of Rights (ALOR). It expressed anti immigration positions early on in the parties existence. During the early 90s the CEC was hijacked by the LaRouche Movement (Lyndon LaRouche: American anti Semitic conspiracy theorist), becoming the central Australian chapter of its political force. It began to express support for LaRouche’s wild conspiracy theories relating to the British Empire. This brought them into conflict with the ALOR who were staunch monarchists, and eventually led their contingent to abandon the party. It is currently headed by Craig Isherwood.

Although a marginal political party, the CEC incur large sources of income and often conduct well funded campaigns for its representatives. Despite the fact that the CEC place a large amount of emphasis on elections (contesting almost every single election) they incur very little votes, failing to grasp over 2% in the polls. The CEC, despite claiming to have chapters across the country, are primarily active in regional Victoria and Melbourne, their office being located 595 Sydney Road, Coburg. They have a long history of attaching themselves to campaigns, inserting themselves into the campaign against the gutting of the Murray Darling Basin. CEC members have also attempted to infiltrate several other right wing groups including the Christian National Civic Council and the nationalist One Nation Party.

The CEC has also been brought into controversy due to its bazaar political theories.At the core of LaRouche/ CEC mythology is an unholy alliance between the British monarchy and prominent international Jewish banking families that dominate global banks and finance. The group produces anti Semitic propaganda pointing to the existence of a network of Jewish bankers and British royals being responsible for intentional economic crashes and depressions. The CEC also speak of climate change as a scam, oppose unions, immediate ends to the carbon tax and Australia to join the trade block BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa). 

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CEC members protesting Australian Jewish News

As an organisation, the CEC have come under attack for its cult like nature and secretive practices. The most disturbing of all are brainwashing tactics that have been employed by the LaRouche movement in general, outlined in an article written by LaRouche himself titled Beyond Psychoanalysis. A process known as ego stripping or de programming was reported to be commonplace in LaRouche groups where individuals were subject to sleep deprivation, scrutiny and interrogation relating to the persons sexuality. Former CEC members Don Veitch &John Seale alleged that the group continue to employ such tactics.

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The CEC operate its own Australian LaRouche Youth Movement in conjunction with the CEC which conduct camps and seminars for younger members. The CEC continue to distribute leaflets and papers in major cities, sometimes placing them in commercial or public spaces. It operates several publications including The New Citizen, Australian Alert Service, EIR and produce their own TV channel The CEC Report.

Prominent Figures

Craig Isherwood

Noelene Isherwood

Maurice Hetherington 

Gabrielle Puet

Robert Barwick

Robert Butler

Ann Lawler 

Eliza Barwick

Aaron Isherwood

Glen Isherwood

Jean Robertson

Jan Pukallus

Sam Hansen

Lindsay Cosgrove

Jeff Davy

Chris Lahy

Trudy Campbell

Ian Barry

Michael Gough

Bridgid McCollough 

Steve Kucina 

Meg Thornton 

Paul Siebert

Judy Sudholz

Alex Kozlov

Stephen Harding 

Peter Flynn

Lex Stewart