Combat 18

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A militant neo Nazi organisation. It was formed in 1991 in England as the so called armed wing of Blood & Honour. It was comprised by the countries most dangerous and militant Nazis that were devoted to achieving their political objectives through violence. It was made up of white power boneheads, hooligans from the Chelsea Headhunters and other right wing lunatics with ties to Loyalist terrorists in Northern Ireland.

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(Members Hellraiser (left), a Nazi recruiting Melbourne street punks, Patrick O Sullivan to his right, a veteran neo Nazi thug and middle right Danny Kreiger, a violent young neo Nazi thug.)

Its uncompromising violence and targeting of the left wing anti fascist movement made C18 a big influence within the neo Nazi movement and imitations spurted up in other countries, one being Australia. Although not organised centrally, several Nazi crews have used this name and its imagery. A C18 member by the name of Bradley Trappitt was responsible for a drive by shooting on a mosque in Perth in 2010. The Sydney based RAC band Southern Storm also claim to be C18.

C18 have been up to an array of odd activities which have included putting up stickers around Melbourne, recruiting from the so called street punk scene and leafleting for rallies that they aren’t even welcome at. They have since organised in Melbourne’s Northern suburbs around reverent Pat. They have turned up at several UPF events including the Coburg refugee rally and their Blue Lives Matter stunt wearing matching wolfsengle bomber jackets.


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Prominent Figures

Bradley Trappitt

Patrick O Sullivan