Confederate Action Party


Confederate Action Party (CAP) was a far right, white supremacist political party founded in July 1990 by Perry Jewell & Tony Pitt. Predominantly active within Queensland CAP run election campaigns in the Queensland state election of 1992 and 1995, Australian Federal Election of 1993 and the Western Australia by election of Helena in 1994.

CAP’s political platform included: opposing the influx of non white immigrants, a complete stop to the intake of Asylum seekers, independence U.N. conventions, anti gun control measures, harsher punishments for people convicted of criminal offenses:  including re-instating the death penalty, reintroducing the use of convict labor and the implementation of the Three Strikes Laws. CAP also called for the assimilation of Aboriginal people and the end to Aboriginal cultural practices, the abolition of native title legislation and the closure of the Aboriginal Affairs Department.

Like many far right parties of today CAP would have a short lifespan and would soon decline in popularity. Helped by continuing infighting by prominent members and slander campaigns against leading figures by other members. The party would soon be split between factions, some aligned with Tony Pitt and others with Perry Jewell.

Perry Jewell
would leave to form a new party called Conservative Action Party (CAP) however it did not have any notable political success.Like rats deserting a sinking ship many of CAP’s members would soon be finding new venues in which to satisfy their far right political ambitions. When Pauline Hanson founded the One Nation Party in 1997 many of the prominent extremists from the ranks of CAP would join. Others would go on to join neo-nazi group Australia First.

Prominent Figures

Perry 032
Perry Jewell
Tony Pitt