Craig Clifford

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Cliffy AKA “Cliffy the Infidel” is a prominent member of the Patriots Defence League Australia, formally involved in the Australian Defence League. Cliffy was involved in the organising of Reclaim Australia and is the PDLA’s senior organiser within Sydney. He is also involved in organising the PDLA’s merchandise.

Basically, this 50 something creep is in the habit of uploading very crude and sexually explicit photos of young women alongside his violent hatred for immigrants and Muslims. He, like other patriot video heroes goes to great lengths to present themselves as bogan as possible. The only problem with poor old Cliffy, aside from his unfortunate looking face, is that despite having started about 10 different FB pages dedicated to his own ego (for self promotion purposes, of course) is that he has an incredibly marginal following in an already marginal movement. Sad, even for a dirty old perv.