Craig Isherwood

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Craig Isherwood is an Australian far right politician. Isherwood, along with several colleagues founded the Citizens Electoral Council in 1988, originally framed as a nationalist anti immigration party. He would later come under the influence of the ideas of American based political cult leader Lyndon LaRouche, resulting in the CEC mutating into the Australian chapter of the LaRouche movement.

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Since the early 90s Isherwood has done his darnedest to spread the American conspiracy theorists lies here in Australia. Isherwood, after living in America and learning from LaRouche, returned to Australia and imported LaRouche’s bizarre ideas. The CEC and Isherwood express support for several conspiracies relating to the British monarchy and International Jewish banking families and their domination of global finance. He is a supporter of economic nationalism and immigration restriction. Oh and he also thinks that Charles Darwin is a fraud and a part of the conspiracy.

Isherwood has stood on behalf of the CEC in several elections over the years, most recently representing the party in 2016 for the Victorian senate.