Croatia Social Club/ Melbourne Knights


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A Croatian football team within the National Premier League Victoria. The team was founded in 1953 by the Croatian community. A large element within its organisation were fascist sympathisers and exiled from Europe after the fall of the Ustase pro Nazi regime. This tradition has been passed on throughout the teams supporters and wider community.

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(Supporters of Melbourne Croatia sieg hailing)

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(Supporters of Melbourne Croatia and Sydney United seig hailing)

They enjoy a close relationship with fellow Croatian team Sydney United. The team has a long-standing relationship with Ustase styled fascism. They went as far as to name a building they owned Ante Pavelic Hall. Ante Pavelic was a Nazi collaborator, Ustase leader and former dictator of Croatia who sent over 400 000 Jews, Roma people, Serbs and leftists into concentration camps.

Aside from the constant Swastika graphite visible around its stadium, Croatia Social Club’s commitment to fascism remains strong. In 2007 it offered to host a neo Nazi gig in conjunction with Blood & Honour and the Southern Cross Hammerskins. They were also instrumental in bringing Croatian fascist musician Marko Perkovic & his band Thompson on this tour.

Some images of Thompson concerts

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Their propaganda films are full of fascist iconography

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MCF turning out to the first UPF rally

Prominent Figures

Matty Ljubic