Damian Huxham

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A far right politician from Hervey Bay, QLD. Huxham is a heavy plant operator in the mining and civil construction industries who was born in Sydney and grew up in Alstonville, NSW. He was selected by Pauline Hanson to contest the seat of Hinkler in the 2016 federal election for One Nation.

Huxham stubbed his toe in the race to the polls when he was caught on the hop lying about his history with the LNP party to charm over right wing voters in an effort to instil confidence in his supporters. But did everything but.

(Quote courtesy of News Mail)

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The man seems to have built his campaign on an interesting backdrop. Namely, the remnants of the Reclaim Australia movement, which Huxham seems quite close to. Below he is pictured associating with the inner circle of organisers of Brisbane and Hervey Bay RA rallies as well as actively promoting the rallies on his FB.

(Campaigning with Reclaim Australia Hervey Bay organiser Mandy Chapman)

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(With TJ Obrien and the PDLA)

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With Bernie Gaynor

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Endorsing Reclaim Australia

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