Daniel Evans

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Daniel Evans is a far right activist from Canberra. He was involved in what was left of the Australian Defence League and its network. Evans played a prominent role in the organisation of the Canberra Reclaim Australia rallies.

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Evans has since risen to become quite a popular bloke, hanging around with his two buddies Ralph Cerminara and Shermon Burgess, whom he organised the 3rd Reclaim rally with. Evans was also involved in promoting and organising the PfF run 10 year anniversary of the Cronulla riots, organising a bus from Canberra which made up most the numbers at the rally. He was also associated with the formation of Generation Identity.

Evans is also fond of talking tough on the internet with far right extremists and neo Nazis. Below is a conversation between Evans and his pal Buddy Reject about committing terrorism in the name of “the cause”.

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Evans and Cerminara instigated a confrontation in late January when the two men, drunk, approached the Black Rose Anarchist Bookshop in Newtown. Evans armed with a bottle and Cerminara with a camera proceeded to threaten, harass and intimidate volunteers inside the shop as well as passers-by. Evans struck a person in the head with the bottle and a confrontation ensued in which, to put it lightly, he came out second best Nice try at bullying 20 year olds mate.

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Evans organised the Australian PEGIDA rally in Canberra on the 6th as a part of a global day of action. He organised the rally from his page Stand Up for Australia, which is Reclaim repackaged. He shared a stage with the likes of Shermon, Neil Erikson, Kim Vuga and Blair Cottrell. He organised this event in collaboration with neo Nazi Matthew Grant, a self described Christian nationalist and Canberra functionary for the Australia First Party.

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Evans with Grant

In the midst of all the chaos, betrayal and collapse, Evans is attempting to slot in his self validating patriotism between BBQs and court appearances. He seems to have put picking on 20 year olds behind him for now and set up a weird new Facebook page called the Australian Conservative Capitalist (Lol). This idiot attempted, after leaving court, with members of the PfF to organise a flash protest out the front of the Opera House on the 5th of March. Problem is, no one showed up but him.

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(Fan mail)

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Evans and PfF in Canberra on 30th August

Evans has announced his intention to run as an independent for Yerrabi, most likely imitating the same stunt his clown mate Folksey who pretended to contest the 2016 federal election. He co organised a transphobic rally in Canberra in early October alongside Party for Freedom targeting once again Safe Schools. In typical PfFail fashion, the rally failed to mobilise more than 10 and faced off with a small group of counter demonstrators, who still, without much notice, were able to mobilise 5 times the amount.

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Seems that our old mate Dan has hit a few snags in the road. Turns out some locals don’t care too much for his fascist rhetoric and see through his bullshit. Either than or he pissed off some local Nazis. Either way, it doesn’t really matter. It seems he has thrown in the towel early, like his mate Nick did, when he realised it requires actual work, persistence, people skills and a fundamental understanding of what your talking about. He also seemed surprised that he would face resistance, complaining that others in the electorate wished for a progressive government. So he rage quit.

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To follow recent trends, Evans has joined the rest of the patriot cry choir in begging for funds. What the bloody hell for this time mate? Turns out Evans is not a happy chap after all. On January 16 the three young Black Rose Library volunteers whom he and Ralph set upon and attacked were acquitted of their charges on the grounds of self defence. The endearing simpleton appears baffled as to how threatening and hitting people with bottles is a case for self defence.


Because of his lack of ability to grasp basic law and order he is now joining Shermon, Neil, Folksey, Blair and Chris Shortis in wringing cash out of their supporters for a retrial. I guess no one has told Dan how the law works as there is no avenue of appeal against a magistrate’s decision on guilt. To do otherwise would violate the fundamental law of double jeopardy. And without any promise of this appeal to be granted to his followers, Evans is gathering cash under false pretences through a GoFundMe. If anyone was considering throwing away their hard earned cash on this fraud welcome theft upon themselves.

Evans addressing Sydney Reclaim Australia rally 29/1/17

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