Danny Nalliah

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Nalliah is a Sri Lankan Christian fundamentalist and far right politician. Based in Melbourne, Nalliah was born to Christian missionaries. Upon his arrival to Australia he followed in his families footsteps, starting his own Catch the Fire Ministries, an evangelist Christian congregation. He began his career in politics within the Christian political party Family First, a party known for it’s anti secularism and family values and social conservatism. He was later expelled from the party for claiming that the Australian government was under the spell of satanic witchcraft.

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Nalliah went on to found his own party the Rise Up Australia Party in 2011, which is directly tied to his ministry. The RUAP was founded with the help of British philanthropist, far right politician, climate sceptic and the self proclaimed Lord of UKIP Charles Monkton.

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(Nalliah & British politician Lord Charles Monkton)

Nalliah, like Monkton is a firm opponent of environmentalist arguments of global warming and climate change. He also believes that humans have been on the planet for a few thousand years and that the Victorian bushfires in 2008 were related to Australia’s liberal abortion laws. He also believes he has personally healed the deaf, dumb, blind and terminally ill as well as brought two people back from the dead.

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Nalliah is most notorious for his views on immigration and assimilation. He is firmly opposed to multiculturalism and in particular Islam. He & the RUAP refer to Islam as a death cult and a violent terroristic ideology, rather than a faith. He has called for bans to be placed on the religion on all fronts. Other positions held by Nalliah and his RUAP include the banning of gambling, alcohol, abortion, brothels, stem cell research, euthanasia and the teaching of science and evolution in schools. He also has called for homosexuality to be made illegal and those that identify as queer to be persecuted under the full extent of the law. He is a staunch defender of Israel and has called for all religions aside from Christianity and Judaism to be banned.

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(Nalliah and RUAP goons at Melbourne’s Reclaim Australia rally)

Since the departure of figures from the Reclaim Australia movement and the formation of the United Patriots Front, Nalliah has hung around awaiting his chance to rise in its leadership. His day has come. Nalliah is one of the movements most powerful figures with a large mobilising capacity through his Christianity which has allowed him to appeal to the more moderate Reclaimers. He often acts as the “black” mascot of the Reclaim movement, using himself as proof that the movement is not whites only, similar to others in England’s EDL and BNP. Nalliah has spoken as a key speaker at both the Melbourne and Sydney Reclaim Australia rallies held on the 18th and 19th of July. In Sydney he said immigrants critical of Australian intolerance to “shut up, pack up and get out”.

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(Nalliah speaking at the Sydney July 19th RA rally)

Danny participated in the organising of the anti mosque rally in Bendigo on the 10/10/15, where he took the podium in his usual twitching manner. He also travelled down to see his buddies Nick Folkes and Shermon Burgess for the 3rd Reclaim rally in Sydney with a RUAP contingent to continue to say “Reclaim Australia is not racist, look at me!” and “shut up pack up and get out”.

Well, what has our favourite right wing lunatic been up to of late? Truth is not that much. He travelled down to Sydney to support and address the Party for Freedom‘s 10 year anniversary of the Cronulla Riot’s on the 12th of December 2015. He also attended and spoke briefly at the PEGIDA rally on the 6th of Feb 2016, squeezing it in between a few of his indoctrination sessions.

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Its hard to say what is most shameful about Danny Nalliah. Is it encouraging non whites to attend rallies with large amounts of violent white supremacists? Lending political support to ultra nationalist militant groups? Or being the leader of a Christian fundamentalist predator cult? I dunno but i will say his shameful manipulation of an Aboriginal elder who he has recently recruited into his cult is what disgusts me most. Nalliah, after inviting the elder onto the stage thanked her and her people for welcoming everyone into the country. Well, thats not how i remember the history of this country, or the flag that Nalliah grips so tightly in his claws.

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Danny has been hit with a huge headache after his church cult Catch the Fire Ministries had its charity status. This happened on account of Nalliah and his church violating the Charities Act which states that charities cannot promote political partys. Unfortunately for Danny, the jig is up for his scam. Nalliah had been passing around the collection plate at church to fund his RUAP, funding his political ambitions with the tax deductible donations from his naive supporters pockets. It was observed that he had been collecting funds since the conception of the law in 2013, exceeding 500 000 which may have to be paid back. Ouch babe, u ok?.