Darrin Hodges

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Daz is a former leading far right activist from Sydney. He was active within the white nationalist Australia First Party as the leader of its Sutherland Shire branch. He was noted for distributing racist material and propaganda on Stormfront.

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(AFP member and Hodges on far right)

Hodges split with the AFP after an ideological dispute with party leader Jim Saleam. He went on to found the Australian Protectionist Party, a nationalist Islamophobic party. He decided to prioritise hatred of Muslims over anti Semitism, standing to represent Judeo-Christian cultural and family values, despite him maintaining a porn website to earn a crust.

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(Hodges & Folkes)

His support of Christian Zionism would earn him a lot of criticism from his former neo Nazi mates, who denounced him. Under his leadership, the APP organised counter protests against pro refugee rallies and the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign. Hodges retired from activism after the wide spread failure of the APP.

Daz making a goose out of himself on Q&A