David Adler

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Adler is a far right troll from Sydney. Adler worked as an administrator in several of Sydney’s prominent hospitals including Prince of Wales & Prince Henry. He went on to become a board member of the Hospital Corporation of Australia, a high paid bureaucratic position.

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(Adler with leading American anti Islam activist Robert Spencer)

Adler, a devout Jew, turned to his faith later on in life, studying the Torah and other holy books. He is also a committed Zionist and staunch Islamophobe, being well connected within Australia’s “counter jihad” movement. Adler attended a Stop the Islamisation of Nations conference in Melbourne 2014 where he met leading American anti Islam activist Robert Spencer (pictured above). He is a close friend and associate of Nick Folkes and is tied to the Q Society. Adler was also a key speaker at the Sydney Reclaim Australia rally in 2017.