David Ettridge

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An Australian businessman and far right politician. Ettridge, prior to his career in politics had a successful career in business marketing. He, alongside Pauline Hanson and David Oldfield founded the One Nation party in 1997, a right wing populist nationalist party. Ettridge was at the centre of the party leadership and one of its three key players, much of the party’s success attributed to his efforts on account of his funding, fund raising and marketing tactics.

Ettridge was the pioneer of the party’s anti democratic leadership structure and one of the creators of the One Nation Party Ltd. This company legally empowered Hanson, Oldfield and Edridge to be at the centre of the party leadership with total executive power over all branches. He also had all members sign resignation forms upon their joining the party as an insurance policy.

Ettridge an Hanson were pursued by rival Liberal party politician Tony Abbott, opening legal inquiries resulting in both being charged with fraud and the bankruptcy of the party. Following the collapse of One Nation Party (Ltd) Ettridge dropped out of politics.