David Hiscox

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A far right writer from Melbourne. Hiscox studied politics at Melbourne University where he developed his ultra conservative political views. Presumably cause no one wanted to talk to him. Doing what any repressed right winger does, he decided to start up a blog. This blog is called XYZ, an alt right online dumping site for arch tories, white nationalists and other crypto fascists.

Hiscox is one of XYZ’s most active contributors, using his online platform to espouse his hatred towards Muslims, leftists and women. He is a vocal supporter of Donald Trump and a regularly posts on obscure far right websites such as the Sydney Traditionalist Forum.

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Sideshow Bob has talent

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Turns out that aside from being an online fascist troll, Hiscox is a competent musician and plays in several jazz/ prog rock bands that gig around Melbourne, in particular at NMIT. He plays piano/ keyboard for the Mae Collard Trio as well as for Fauna Cake. He is also the head piano tutor at Soundworks Music Studio in Brunswick.