David Oldfield

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Oldfield is a far right conservative nationalist politician. He was a prominent member of the Liberal Party within the NSW branch in Manly, where he worked as the closest political advisor of former PM Tony Abbott. Oldfield was regarded as a skilled and ambitious politician with sociopathic tendencies.

Oldfield was a founding member and leading figure of the nationalist party One Nation. He was the closest political advisor to leader Pauline Hanson and was considered the brains behind the party’s political strategy. Oldfield served as second in command (Vice President) of the ONP, party leader within NSW as well as serving in the NSW Legislative Council from 1999- 2007.

Oldfield was known for his radical statements, claiming in an interview with ABC journo Tony Jones that he identified as a national socialist. Derp. Oldfield was a firm anti multiculturalist and a gun nut, holding ties to several militia groups who he enticed into supporting the One Nation Party.

After a sexual affair between Oldfield and Hanson ended, Hanson who described him as being “a small man where it counts” booted him from the party. He went on to found his own splinter party One Nation NSW, which was of little consequence and eventually faded into obscurity. He hosted his own show in 2007 on the conservative radio station 2GB. He voiced his interest in electrocuting asylum seekers, resulting in him moving to 2UE.