David Palmer

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Palmer is a Sydney based neo Nazi. Palmer was originally active within the militant far right group National Action, being a leading figure of its neo Nazi wing. He was later expelled from the group for expressing open allegiance to Nazism, which was not in favour of the ANA leadership.

After his parting with the ANA, Palmer founded several minor neo Nazi groups, notably the National Socialist Defenders of Aryan People and the Australian addition of the Ku Klux Klan alongside ally Peter Coleman and briefly Ross May. This minor grouping claimed to have successfully infiltrated the One Nation Party.

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He worked in a militia store as well as a salesman of Nazi memorabilia. Palmer is widely perceived to be a bit of a joke in the neo Nazi movement due to his ego, mental deficiency and sectarian power hungry attitude. These traits result in most far right groups shunning him. He has had a long-standing feud with Jim Saleam and has attempted to attack him before being bashed by the Skull.

Palmer was involved in founding, organising and leading the small Sydney based neo Nazi group Klub Nation. This group was short lived and Palmer continued to engage in feuds with Jim Saleam.