Debbie Robinson

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Debbie Robinson is a dedicated Islamophobic activist from Western Australia. She is the founder and senior leading figure behind the Q Society, a not for profit anti Islam lobbyist group. Robinson is skilled in presenting herself and the Q Society as a moderate non extremist organisation seeking to simply educate people on the dangers of radical Islam, which is not the case. She is of Scottish dissent and has worked as a nurse in WA.

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(Robinson speaking at Stop the Islamisation of Nations conference)

Robinson is a member of Stop the Islamisation of Nations, a international group headed by leading Islamophobe Robert Spencer. She attended and spoke at one of their meetings in 2012 where she praised the EDL and shared a platform with its founder Tommy Robinson. She is one of Australia’s most prominent behind the scenes activists being deeply connected to the international Islamophobic network known as counter jihad.

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(Robinson photographed with Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, America’s leading Islamophobic activists)

Robinson and Q Society are involved in funding  an array of Islamophobic causes. This includes the speaking tour for Dutch MP Geert Wilders and Robert Spencer, the Bendigo anti mosque campaign as well as anti Burqa and Halal grass roots campaigns. She is currently facing legal proceedings from Halal certification companies. She heads the Q Society run political front Australian Liberty Alliance. She established Skipngirl Productions, an online website that distributes anti Islamic literature and propaganda that is used to directly fund the Q Society and their activities, including funding the speaking tour of Wilders in 2013.

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(Kirralie Smith, Debbie Robinson, Geert Wilders, Bernie Gaynor

Robinson has assembled a team of clowns to contest various seats in the 2016 elections, attempting to run a candidate in every state. Robinson herself will stand as an ALA senate candidate for Western Australia. It is safe to say that she didn’t perform to well at all.

Debbie and the rest of the gang over at Q Society are in a bit of trouble following a lawsuit that was brought against her and her organisation in early 2015. She and several of her colleagues stand charged with defamation in connection to several anti halal campaigns. Not to worry, her mates from the Liberal Party, spearheaded by extreme Tory Cory Bernardi