Dennis Huts

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Dennis Huts is a neo Nazi activist from Perth. Huts is the leader of the United Patriots Front in Perth, a gang of hardened neo Nazis. Huts made his first video for the UPF when he picked on a man in a small Muslim prayer room in a hospital. He then made an odd video where he walked around a university filming young people going about their day. What a fucking creep. In this video he claimed that education was a Marxist conspiracy initiated by the Jews following World War Two.

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Huts rocked up at a rally organised by the United Against Bigotry and Racism group with a megaphone before being ejected from the area for inciting violence. Huts was in luck when his mates from UPF in Melbourne joined him for the November Reclaim Australia rally in Perth. Just when you think this pathetic creep couldn’t get creepier, he goes and makes a video with his kids about white pride, with a subtle ending slide. What a fucking psycho.

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Dennis had his big day on the 22nd of November, getting ready to welcome his fascist UPF mates into Perth for the rally. Unfortunately for old mate, the rally turned out to be a total failure with less than 100 in attendance. The UPF remained delusional and used embellishment to relay the ‘success’ of the rally.

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(Straight outta Nuremberg)

I guess this is where the future of Australia should lie, in the hands of a paedophilic reptile that hangs around universities with a video camera and spends his spare time harassing people in hospital prayer rooms. Dennis, who runs the FB page called The Thinking Patriot, was also confirmed as being responsible for dumping a pigs head in the toilet of the University of Western Australia in late 2015 in an attempt to offend Muslim students.

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(What UPF campaigning really looks like)

Dennis’s latest spot of bother was when his former lover Indie Rose Oliver exposed him for his violent history relating to his ex wife among other things. To add insult to injury he threatened Rose’s children and slut shamed her after she defected from the UPF.

This deranged neo Nazi is using the UPF Facebook page to endorse fascist groups overseas. I mean, its not even a secret anymore.

(British neo Nazi group National Action)

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(neo Nazi group Patriots of Ukraine)

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(Greek neo Nazi group Golden Dawn)

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Dennis announced prior to the UPF’s third Bendigo rally that he would leave the UPF. He stated he would be stepping down as the media attention was causing stress within his family life. In reality, Huts was afraid his criminal record (unknown) may effect the party’s progress.

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Well guess who is back from a brief hiatus (read: i quit tantrum). The worlds most creepiest white supremacist lurker. Great!. Dennis made his return when he mimicked Blair’s anti Mosque banner at the West Coast vs Fremantle game. Dennis wasn’t happy when he and a few of his mates were banned for life from entering AFL games.

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Dennis and his deranged Nazi gang have been on the assault putting up UPF posters across the streets of Perth. They also rocked up at a Safer Schools protest on the 24th of April to harass and counter demonstrate the rally. Initiated by Huts, they attacked protesters with Dennis assaulting a  young woman for holding a sign he didn’t like. As a result he and his buddies were escorted away by police for their own safety. What a fucking scumbag.

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(Huts striking young woman)

As time ticks on in Australia’s neo Nazi and patriot movements so to does Huts relevance. The creep has not produced any videos stalking people of late. The man appears washed out and on his way out again. Only time will tell if he has any public harassment stunts up his sleeve.

Huts and co turned up once again in August to harass the lefties in Perth. He has kept to turning up with his megaphone and a handful of mates to rant and rave at the local Trot coalition United Against Bigotry & Racism. This time, Huts and his mates see themselves as defenders of Pauline Hanson or something. Once again, very little defending done at all.

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Huts is on the attack again in Perth. What has set him off this time? an announcement that the invasion day Fremantle fireworks display will not happen this year on account of its offence to local indigenous communities. The fact that 1st nations have to endure a day celebrating their colonisation and attempted eradication is quite enough one would have thought, rather than triggering explosions in honour of this genocidal land grab. Huts turned up at the Mayors office to film and intimidate staff, going on to claim that he and his merry band of followers intend to bring a “rain of shit” upon them if they do not do as he says.

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Dennis and his gang of UPF nazi delinquents gatecrashed a anti Trump demonstration. Gee wiz , haven’t done that before. In typical Huts fashion he assaulted a young person by shoving them before being escorted out of the rally safely by police. Get your shit together Perth.

Dennis not even hiding his Nazism anymore

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Everyones favourite deranged reptile has been at it again. In a very predictable way, Huts was mad about the Fremantle councils decision to ban fireworks on Invasion Day. A infuriated Huts jumped on the UPF page and told his tiny band of not so merry men that they were going to do their own fireworks show on the day as a symbol of defiance to the councils decision. Suffice to say that no major UPF rally took place at all, and they merely tagged along to a pre-arranged fireworks display.


Huts also managed to find time to visit Pauline Hanson in January during her visit to Perth. Huts and his mates turned up uninvited to act as her self appointed security detail. Awkward enough for the boys no one even heard about the visit or bothered turning up. After filming himself next to Pauline talking to others, Huts went for a wonder where he went on a rant claiming Anglo Saxons built Australia. And no one else……

Fremantle council & Muslims are not the only ones targeted by this reptile. Huts turned up to the local Socialist Alliance office/ bookshop in Perth while it was closed and alleged the council was funding the group. He put up a UPF poster with a water spray and pissed off. I guess no one told Dennis that water on glass will dry and his poster will be gone with the breeze almost as quickly as he will. He also turned up to try and hassle the Wetland Defenders, a small group of protesters opposed to the development of Roe8 road link in Fremantle. After swearing and hurling abuse at bystanders he assumed to be members of this group, Huts tried to kiss cop ass before being moved on for being a general nuisance.

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Huts & co have been active in the days leading up to the WA election, voluntarily jumping on the campaign for Pauline Hanson. This has included the usual Huts MO being banner drops and rocking up to her events to act as her self appointed security force. Again. On the 9th of March at the Paddington Alehouse in Mount Hawthorn, Hanson addressed a meeting of her supporters. The gathering was met by a mediocre counter demonstration by a group of chanty student types from the local Trot brigade. Dennis and a handful of TBC and UPF members turned up to hurl abuse back at them from behind police lines, shouting out the names of the local Socialist Alternative organisers, obviously too arrogant and stupid to hide their personal identities online.